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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by GarPA, Nov 19, 2003.

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    Are you aware of any landscape-type associations that offer members the benefit of joining "the group" for medical and/or some type of term life insurance?

    Friend of mine asked me this question and got me to thinking maybe I should be aware of other options. Even with a term group life insurance with lower value, its good to know whats out there. My own life insurance policy is adequate buy my wife wants to bury me in style...and then go find a young one...hah
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    We have a state association that offers it in michigan. www.mnla.org I m not sure if anla does or not, I will check though. Im sure if you look hard enough you can get in with an association of some sorts. Doesnt save us tons on health insurance, but saves me over two grand a year in liability insurance and workmans comp.
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    Hi GarPA,

    Here is a post that will give you a listing of the different professional organizations.

    professional memberships
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    phila chamber of commerce
    any chamber of commerce

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