On bidding...per visit or per season??!!


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When I bid commercially I have always listed my price per visit. Does anyone submit their bid amount for the entire season in one lump sum? This would allow me to purchase equipment a little faster. Please give me your input!!


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I did this exact thing this year, hoping to get some good income to start out with something to fall back on.
What I did was submit the proposal, and offer a discount if they paid for the year in full. this is good because
1) you don't have to worry about collecting every month
2) you get the money in the begining of the year to use if needed
3) you can sell an entire package easier than one thing, then another, then another. Like aerating, seeding, bushes, mowing, leaf removal, etc.

Good luck!


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I give bids per season if the customers asks for it. I try to estimate the number of cuts in the season and apply the amount I want per cut to come up with a total. Some customers pay in advance, others pay monthly. I like the monthly payment better since it produces steady revenue flow throughout the year, but it does require monthly invoicing of the customer.


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I offer either per visit or per season to all my customers. Both residential and commercial accounts. It's nice to have a little money in the bank to fall back on. I do give them a discount if they pay for the season upfront.


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per visit for lawn maintenance and price year for fertilization.


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Originally posted by pjslawncare/landscap
We give them a breakdown of all services and costs then add seasons worth together, then divide by 12 for monthly costs
How do you handle if the customer cancels before completing the 12 months.

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