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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Lawn Simplicity LLC, Feb 5, 2007.

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    I personally have never done the post card game but have done this. Typed up a "genric" letter, short & simple. Quick business intro., services offered, quick conclusion, call for free estimates. Written signature on each, with a hand written envelope. Oh, and bus. card attatched to letter. Addresed letters & envelopes as Houston Neighbor, Denver Neighbor, St. Louis Neighbor, etc. Had many people comment on this, with a few stashing them away and calling many moons after I sent them out. It takes time & a pain in the a$$, but worth it to me. One has to open & read a letter. Post cards in my mail box is junk mail & trashed without looking at. Anyone ever tried it?
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    we just did a small mailing about 200 and recieved one call so far. same as you hand written with small flier. what do you mean by houston neighbor etc.?
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    What I mean by Houston Neighbor, etc., is that you don't know who lives in the house the letter is going to. So address them to as the town you live in, such as Houston Neighbor,etc. Addressing them as "Current Resident", etc. sounds junk mailish to me.
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    Letters get the best results and the better customers. There are ways to save time with this. Get envlopes printed with your logo/return address on them and buy a letter folder. Folding the paper kills the most time.

    I signed, folded and stuffed 250 envlopes on sunday and i was beat!! I didn't hand address them though. My hand writing sucks!

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