? on Ferris rear drive spindle

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by PTSolutions, Oct 12, 2008.

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    ive got an IS1500Z 48" deck 21hp Kaw motor. unit has just under 300hrs on it.

    has anyone had issues with the way the drive assembly is done?? the output shaft from the wheel motor is tapered, and has ONE slot for a half moon key. the parking brake drum/hub slides over this output shaft and has a keyways for the half moon key. the hub is then held on by a castle nut and cotter pin.

    the problem with this is that ive sheared the key on the shaft. the hub keyways got pretty beat up, so i had to order a new hub, around 110 bucks. went to sears hardware picked up a new key. put it in voila, fixed. now two months later ive just sheared this second key and this hub's keyways has been opened up. i think the taper on the output shaft does not match the hub giving too much play and allowing the key to take a beating. has anyone had a similar problem? i want to take this up to my dealer but the unit is out of warranty i believe and dont want to sell my kidney for a stupid fix like this. im tempted to throw another key in there and sell this thing to some young punk around here and his "mowing" business.

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