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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Downeast, Mar 30, 2002.

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    Hi Guy's
    I have a customer that has a yard, that is covered with wood chips . He wants to take away some of those chips and make a lawn . Under the chips is sand , not very compacted . The chips are barely covering the ground . If you push a chip away you see sand . Should I remove those chips before loaming or could I put the loam over the chips . Also I was thinking on three inches of loam . Will that be enough ? The chips are not very big .
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    Yea... I would skim all them woodchips off the top first, then dress the area up with like 2-3'' of topsoil then install your lawn after all thats done.
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    down here i sometimes will leave the chips, and sometimes rock. But we have clay instead of sand. The reason as to which i leave it in......drainage. I also will "till" it into the new loam.

    I would probably remove the chips if I was on sand. If the soil allready has plenty of airation for drainage, leaving the chips in would hinder the amount of germination.
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    i would rake up MOST of the chips, if u leave a few thats fine. i would rake or till 1'' to 2" of soil in with the sand then. after that put on top 2'' to 3'' of soil. then seed then straw.

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