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Discussion in 'Christmas Trees & Seasonal' started by addictedtolandscaping, Apr 17, 2010.

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    Hello all:

    First I hope everyone had a great season and is enjoying themselves now in the down time so to speak. For the first year out I think I did OK, 25-30 gross, not to bad for a service that had essentially never been offered in my area before.

    I am trying to get things in order as Dave outlined last year. I recently set up a preseason with HBL for material I know I ran out of last year and had to do some quick thinking to get around.

    Now I am looking at advertising. I want my flier distribution with the Chamber of Commerce to hit August, September and October this year, and truthfully, I do not want to spend 1100.00 on fliers like I did last year as I had to get them printed locally, all part of start up I imagine.

    If any one has any recommendations of companies to utilize via on line ordering I would surely be most grateful.

    I can;t wait to hear from y'all/ I miss reading this thread daily and learning so much from everyone. I know it's early, but is it ever to early??


  2. hotrod1965

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    docucopies is cheap and does a good job
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    I'd do gotprint.com 5000 copies, use 100 pound offset "cover" ( like the cover of cosmopolitan magazine, thickish paper) full color both sides with UV coating ( shiny) 355 bucks, or 7 cents each. cheap enough ? 10000 copies is 649 or 6.5 cents each.

    want cheaper still? choose 100 pound offset "book" -like magazine pages, full color both sides, 5000 copies, 224 bucks, or about 4.5 cents each. 10000 copies is still around 4.5 cents each.

    but I'd use cover over book.

    don't forget postcards while you are there- they are dirt cheap. 10000 4x6 full color both sides are 218. that is almost 2 cents each ! since postage is the same, I jump up to 6x11 postcards, which are too big to ignore in the mailbox for 6 cents each.

    I have ordered several things from them, and I love the quality and speed.
  5. teamdynamic

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  6. addictedtolandscaping

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    So I ended up ordering the flyers from docucopies, I got 5000 full color single sided for $360.00 with shipping. I used the HBL commercial postcard again, just an insert for the chamber of commerce mailer, of course, it is altered with my company info. They really did a fantastic job with them, last year I had 3000 done locally, cost me over 1100.00 and the quality really was not what it should have been, blurry and just no really sharp. Docucopies cleaned the image up, I had it blown up to 8.5x11 and they look great.
  7. David Gretzmier

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    glad they worked out ! is there a reason you went with single sided rather than both sides, and why did you choose the printing company over the rest?
  8. addictedtolandscaping

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    Actually, I just resized the HBL commercial postcard (same as I did last year) with my logo and contact info added.

    I stood clear of Vistaprint as I had some stuff done by them last year, that ultimately, I really was not all that satisfied with. I had looked at them and then when I priced against docucopies, vistaprint came out to be more costly. They really did a nice job, as you know, the image on the postcard is blurred towards the outside, when I had them blown up last year, boy did it take it's toll. Docucopies appeared to have enlarged the image to 8.5*11 and cleaned it up also. It looks a thousand times better than last year. I decided to hold at 5000 copies, as the local chamber just does not really cut the mustard, and it is another 1000 to have them inserted for 2 months.

    I guess ultimately, I looked at the idea of trying to save money as they end up being strictly inserts. They did however produce about 1/3 of my total sales last year, so definitely worth continuing with. I may have gotten really lucky in all honesty. The total cost for 5000 single sided full color was 360.00 with shipping. I am sure next year or possibly later on toward the season, I will look at having more done, I will once again shop the price, I am tying to maintain my advertising budget, however I just joined another COC and they are much larger and more organized, actually print a monthly magazine that gets distributed. It is more costly to have an add printed, actually almost 1800 per issue for a full page, full color, however approximately 19000 distributed monthly if I remember correctly.

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