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Now stop of the farm implement stores here is starting to carry Makita trimmers, blowers and backpack blowers.I like to keep an open mind on equipment..who knows maybe someone will come along like Red Max and be the new big dawg of backpacks.

Ever tried one? owned one? heard anything good/bad about them?
They make great power tools but I tried one of their trimmers once and it was awful. Model they were trying to sell me is RBL 500
48.6 cc
187 mph
70 decibels
around $380(not a bad price unless its a weakling)
throttle mounted on right side tube(which I dont it on the left opposite the tube)
they had no demo unit..... opinions welcomed....thanks

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GarPA-good question

as I see it, the makita is not "junk" They are a fairly reputable company which manufactures several nice machines (power tools mostly)

I have seen their end of lawn gear advertised in TURF.

My view on the blowers is that:
I think they would make fine blow and go machines. 48 cc is more than enough to blow off a drive and walk and throw it in the truck.

48 cc is probably not enough to do a major fall cleanup---thats what the bigboys are for (ie echo and redmax)

They are priced fair, and are designed to be rugged, I would say give it a try and let us know how it works.

Best of Luck Buddy!

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I have used one quit a bit and like it. Less vibration and easier to start than my br 420. Starts almost always on one pull. I never noticed the stihl's vibration untill i used the makita. it is comfortable to wear. the straps are nice. I find it easier to refuel than my stihl as well. The stihl has more power though. the makita takes a little bit to wind up. the makita is great for grass and is ok for leaves. It does get the job done. please note that i'm not sure of how many cc's the engine had on the one that i used. it was probably three years old. it looks similar to the one that is posted though.
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