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on my own


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redford mi
well on my own for the 2nd year.im from redford michigan 28yrs old .started cutting grass at 15 for my uncle then worked for small landscape company for 3 years as labor and 2 years as foreman untill company was sued due to a car actcent.so i know the bis pretty good but learn something new from this site everyday. 89 f250(less then 80ths miles)6x12,06 button 60in rider,36in xmark(older)3wips(shindaiwa)1 edger,2 630 shindaiwa blowers.45 lawns and counting.oh yea i now this is big with you guys ,im llc fully insured and pay taxs.thank for looking

Jake's Lawn Service

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Well good luck this season:) I will be on my own next year when I get my license. I am not to far north of you in the Rochester area.