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? on price for edging , plants , rock

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by cdsport, Apr 28, 2008.

  1. cdsport

    cdsport LawnSite Member
    from NE PA
    Messages: 13


    The customer I have has a few different things to be done. all in about a 200foot radius of the center point.
    1. Edging using polyethylene black 5 inches x 1/8' 1,050' +/- , not sure if this is accurate from RS means $2.76 per LF is this accurate?
    price for material is $35 for 60LF material cost is $630-700

    also locations are iarea where red shale is 3/4 located, need to rake back for edging in 25% of area becasue being near sidewalk or driveway. the rest I can install in grass close by & rake the shale to it. the otehr area are around trees & shrubs.

    2. 25 bushes to install each are $30 each cost & 1 jap maple cost $120 for a 9-10' ' tall total material $865 with tree stakes stakes

    3. 10 ton of red shale cost of material with delivery $450 approx to spread out where the edging is to go in some new areas( distant to alk can be 150 - 200 feet to move. will use a skid.

    4. transplant 2 bushes $45-55/ per bush 24 inch ball

    5. weed control spray 2500SF where the shale is not sure what to charge here.

    There is also some tree trimming & clean up say 6 -8 hours & moving a few dead trees $50 per man include chain saw & skid to move tree after cut up?

    I have roughly $2,300 in materals not including weed spray

    Labor prices
    25 Bushes 2' tall each includes fert 250-375
    tree 150 -175
    2 transplant 110
    edging didn't use LF from RS Means 900? RS is 1.66 LF + 46 O/P = 2.10
    LF 1,754 - 2,205 labot only
    that just seems high to me?
    stone 200
    clean up & trim 400
    load up skid & transport 100

    labor $2,110
    then I should add over head 10% & profit 10% in..just using RS means as a guide which would be antoher $400 for $2,510

    I have my own skid so no renting needed.
    I am looking at 2 days with 3 guys myslef & 2 worker $20 $400 a day on labor to be paid daily.

    So $4,810 for the job then.. ? Plus the weed spraying.
    this is in NEPA
    thank you

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