? on Ranger ,Tacoma,or s-10.

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Skeelow, Feb 22, 2007.

  1. Skeelow

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    I am part time with no more than 8 accounts with no intention to ever expand to need a trailer or bigger mower since this is not main job. Equipment is a Quick 36, 21 inch, echo timmer and bp blower. I was using my dad's tacoma to haul my 36 last November now I'm looking for a cheap truck that will last. If I could find a tacoma in my range I would buy it. My family runs mostly all toyotas.

    My question is how many miles can I expect out of a ranger. I know it all depends on use and abuse but just looking for a broad answer if I can get it. Do most have many problems. Looking at the late 90's models. All I would be running the truck is about 3 to 4 days a week and about 75 to 100 miles a week for about 30 to 35 weeks a year.

    Saw a ranger 4x2 130,000 miles for $ 4285. Is this a decent deal? Remember I'm not looking for a 4x4 since my day job lets off work with pay if the wind blows the wrong way let alone a little snow. So 4x4 is not needed. Is 130,000 miles too much already on a ranger?

    Any help with these questions is appreciated, thanks.
  2. nbuzz

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    Rangers aren't bad. I have a 94 with a 4cyl. and I have 165,000 on it. I also pull a small 5x8 whenever I'm mowing. If you can, stay away from the 4cyl, and the 3.0 V6. they both have zero power. the 4.0L is where its at. considering the fuel mileage I get with mine I wish I had the 4.0. two problems though. the payload sucks on them and build quality isn't the greatest. If I were you I'd try to Find A 2wd toyota. but for a work truck they're not too bad.
  3. dobehap

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    I have a 98 ranger with 168k, 4 cyl engine, it should do fine pulling your walkbehind.
  4. green horizons

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    I started with a 3.0 v6 ranger. It had plenty of power to accomplish what you're asking of it. I had zero problems with it and I ran it like a dog. However, the mpg's were about the same as I got in my f150. For this reason, I'd also look at 1/2 ton trucks. They can handle more if you should ever need it, and the cost will be comparible when buying used. I would also buy the best truck available, regardless of brand.
  5. corey4671

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    I think the real underlying question here is why would you even consider such a purchase with less than 8 accounts and no intention to expand? Is it really worth it? I can remember when I was in your shoes. 4 or 5 accounts and then folks started recommending me to other folks and before you know it, here I am trying to make the biggest decision of my working life on whether to stick with my full time job and mow part time, or make the jump and mow full time.
  6. Skeelow

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    Good question.

    I like my daytime job, most days I'm off by 3:30 and have several days off in the summer. I have insurance, benefits, and retirement. My job doesn't give me the exercise I get from mowing. So 8 accounts is fine by me. Plus I need a small work truck just to have around the house for use. I'm happy with mowing part time. And if others refer me I will only take on what I can handle and still have a life.
  7. lawnboy dan

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    i had a 4 cyl ranger for 2 yrs and carried a toro 32 wb in it. mine was a long bed and it did fine .it had 130k on it and ran great still.
  8. mountianview

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    93 s-10 with mega miles on it ,4.3 engine 4x4 strong ,dependable and only $700 . great truck ,good gas milage ,standard 5 speed , might run forever!
  9. corey4671

    corey4671 LawnSite Silver Member
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    oh don't get me wrong, I'm in the same boat. I just hate to give up the "security" of a full time job and the benefits but at the same time I owuld LOVE to be out there doing what I love doing and not having to answer to anyone but me.

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