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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by happy, Jul 9, 2007.

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    I have been in business since 1995, but we have only done 1 install before, and it was at a factory. Most of our work is landscape, and lawn work. I thought for our first one it was a big installation job. 1 1/2 main line with 1 inch laterals coming off that. 8 zones. 8 years later getting ready to give an estimate for a residential system. Depending on volume shouldn't be but 6 or less zones at the most I would think. I am faxing off the property blueprints to an irrigation designer for the materials list, but I am unsure of the amount of time that will be required to do the install. Last time we used sch 40 and a bobcat trencher to bury the lines. I am not asking a price to charge for the job, because my labor rates are not the same as yours, but rather how many man hours it might take to do the job. I know that there are a few variables on the installation that could change things. Any help with this is immensly appreciated. Thank you please pm me.
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    If your in dayton ohio, I don't see why you would be using pvc on a residential install. Also, watch out for the design prints they like designing residential jobs the same as commercial ones (ie one valve per valve box, single strand wire, pvc main w/poly laterals)

    If the tap and controller are completed at another time a six station install should take 4-6 hours w/a three man crew. tap and controller 1.5 hours this is all of course with a good foreman and very experienced people that do irrigation every single day.
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    A six zone system would take my crew (3 people) two days.

    Then again, we did quality work, and you couldn't tell we had been there when you left.
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    Your probably used pvc, a 6 station system should only take two guys an hour to plow(pull as we say).
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    We plowed PVC out there.

    Sure it only takes two hours to pull. But then you have to dig up and install heads (no saddle tee's here), install manifolds, timer, backflow, clean up, remove extra soil ,rocks etc, fill low spots, make sure valveboxes are to grade. Hand dig in planters, or install drip or what have you etc... etc...

    Then Test run and adjust while the other guys pickup equipment. Even when I was pushing my guys to the max, the most we ever got in was about 30 heads a day.

    Then again, 30 heads is only about 3-4 zones out here. We were on a lot of wells with plenty of water to spare.
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    For ESTIMATING purposes, I have always had reliable results using a 10 man hour per zone figure. For very small or larger systems, this gets skewed, but for the average (more than 4 less than 12 zone) residential, this is a good base line. If you have an experienced crew that is motivated, you will do much better than that, BUT that crew will (and rightly so) expect to be paid better than average too. An average crew will make the 10 man hour per zone on most installs.
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    As you can see...it varies from crew to crew.....you will never be able to bid based on other crews performance....

    The only way to know is to do it....

    You can get a decent idea by breaking the job into pieces and estimating each piece.....i.e. Water tap.....timer install.....manifold install....pipe pulling/trenching......head installation.....etc...

    Good luck.
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    Dirty: what's the average age of you workers and are they union? What's your labor average then 2-3K per job? With parts and everything you must be at 9K on the average job if you what want your guys to average 1.5-2k profit a day.
  9. Dirty Water

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    Average age of workers was between 16 and 20, non union, Average wage was around $11.

    Three man crew would be two laborers and me. We would average about $5k for a 6 zone system.
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    thank you for the replies. If anyone else wants to chime in hear that wood be great.

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