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? on subing out a new seeding job


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One of my commercial customers is building a new bldg . Contractor will rough grade property when bldg is finished and rough-in the previously scraped off top soil. Its about 5, flat acres. I dont have the experience to take on one that large. Customer is fine with me subing it out and will pay me a fee for managing the process.

My ? is, what is a reasonble cost to do the fine grading and seeding for this 5 acre property...I have NO idea what the fee ranges should be.Lets just assume we're using a high quality seed that is mostly turf type fine fescue. No trees anyhere on the property so we want a durable seed blend used. No foot traffic on turf either.

Thanks for your input


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Goshen, IN
GarPa- In this area, it would cost $1000-1300/ac to finish grade it/prep (remove debris), put a starter fertilizer down, and drill seed it. For your area, it will probably be higher. But that is the going rate in Elkhart County.

If I was you, I would get like 3-5 estimates from people. You will get a pretty good idea what the rate is. See if they can show you some of their past work. It might also be cheaper for you to just rent the equipment and do the job yourself. More money in your pocket and saves a little for the customer. Just a question if you got the time to do it.