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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by MrGlockJock25, Nov 24, 2013.

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    I'm 14 turning 15 in March, I started my "business" in May and have been working since. Worked about 25 hours a week during the summer and now about 10 hours a week due to lacrosse and football. I'm a freshman in High School and it's not easy balancing everything haha. Well anyways I have 7 accounts that are weekly mowing so I have been looking to upgrade from my Honda push mower for a while. I found this 2009 Exmark metro 36 with ECS and a 15 horse kawasaki for $1000 and got it for $850. It's in great shape and this will allow me to grow from my 7 accounts that I have now. This has all taught me a lot and I enjoy everyday doing this and not just being a kid cutting grass. I now run all Commerical equipment. I make most money from side jobs like hedge trimming, pressure washing, and tree trimming. Also doing a cleanup or landscaping job here and there. Can't wait to begin the next step in my business! Thanks for all the help on here also.

    The pic is of my backyard I cut with it.

    How do you post pics from photbucket? They weren't showing up

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    Good luck and keep it up!
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    You should take some business classes from your local tech school or maybe your high school offers them in a vocational type class. If you set yourself up right you could have enough business to be out of the field by the time you graduate high school, allowing you to truly focus on growing your business at a very early age. I assume you live at home, You should start focusing on building up as much cash as possible, which it sounds like you are. Don't charge the neighborhood kid prices either, just go ahead and get it in your mind that your a business and charge accordingly.
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    Exactly. Ya my school doesn't offer any right now. My plan is to do this till at least end of college. I still have to decide whether to go on with this or go to be an orthodontist. This is my passion tho and have been doing it since I was a toddler. I will go to school for this and get a landscape architecture and design degree. I will look more into it soon
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