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Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by theminigardener7, Apr 25, 2010.

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    Last Friday, I was working at one of the regular maintenance jobs on a residential street. The house has a 5 ft. hedge in front and the street is a little bit busy. (more walkers than drivers) So I had just finished weedwacking and I walked down the driveway to find my trailer, more empty than normal. I thought to myself "this is weird... I don't remember lending anyone anything, and I thought I brought everything with me." Upon closer inspection, i found my fairly thick chain had been cut. They had came, cut the chain (not the lock) and stolen one of my commercial hondas, a echo pb 755 blower, and an astron small hedge trimmer... All in the matter of 5 minutes no more than 150 ft. away. I felt like I had been punched in the stomach after losing $1800 in less than two minutes. I saw a guy washing a car across the street and asked him what he saw. He said, " this guy in a small car came and stopped, took a look at what was in the trailer, cut the locks, dialed a number in his phone, and within a minute a white escalade was there to load up everything. He told me that he thought they were working for me, and didnt think anything of it until they sped away. (?) Anyways, after questioning the carwasher, I went down the street to another gardener friend who was working and borrowed his mower for that house. While I was mowing, the car washer came up to me and said the guy just drove by again, and gave me a description of the man and the car. I called the cops and of course they didn't give a flyng f*@# eventhough I had a vehicle description and beginning of the license plate. The funny thing was, they obviously knew what they wanted: I put the mower in the front of the small trailer with the edger behind it, they took the edger out and put it to the side in order to grab the mower, they also tried to take my extended hedge trimmer but failed to cut that lock. So I don't know if you guys have the same type of stalk then steal situations overthere, but here in LA, they practically have it to a science now.
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    that sucks. Some cops are lazy and don't do anything.
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    Time to wait in the truck with the good 'ol shotgun and wait for them to pull up. Hop out and see how they like their nice shiny Escalade full of buckshot.
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    That's sucks that you were close to them and it only took like 5mins, what kind of dude would think someone else is working for you when they have to cut your chain to get the equipment? lol.

    I hope you find your stuff bud!
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    I had the same thing happen a few months ago and have since installed an alarm system with motion detector. It goes off as soon as you enter. The next addition is a pepper sprayer just in case.
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    What is the range of that detector? like if someone is walking by the trailer will it go on? and what is the price for those if you don't mind me asking?
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    Would u give more info on your system? Thanks :usflag:
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    They probably had the witness blocked so he couldn't see everything or he wasn't that focused on what was going on. Your mind sometimes doesn't register crazy stuff like that until it is too late. This is why crooks can walk into a store and ACT like they are there to pick up their Big screen TV and probably somebody in the store would actually help them load the stolen TV up.
    Many thefts occur during daylight hours because that is when people least expect them to. A truck pulls up to your neighbors house at noon. Oh, they must know he is there.
    Tag team theft is common here now
  9. ProMo

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    i am using an alarm from http://www.supervisionsecurity.com/trailerguard2.html i purchased the original tg1 unit at a local trailer store and wasnt happy with the product as i was able to rip my equipment off lol. I called the company and spoke with mark and he upgraded my unit and added the motion detector with a toggle to go between motion and door sensors. The motion switch is located at the rear of trailer facing forward so unless you physically go into trailer it does not activate. I also wired it into the breakaway switch and forgot to disarm it one day and it stopped me as soon as i got in the street. The battery is powered by a solar panel on top of the trailer and the alarm is activated by a key chain remote. I saw a pepper spay dispenser that will hook up to this system which will give me a chance of meeting anyone that dares to enter my trailer again.
  10. theminigardener7

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    wow, thats pretty cool, if you don't mind my asking, how much was it? Also, how audible is the siren?

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