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Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by theminigardener7, Apr 25, 2010.

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    It boils down to temptation, which target to pick, ultimately temptation can hit anyone thou...
    Leave a $100,000 worth of hundred dollar bills in a see-through plastic bag sitting someplace
    and wonder how many folks would still do the right thing...

    Not saying that makes it right.

    Enclosed trailer, late model truck, brand new equipment, all this is a sign.
    Some might think of it as advertising, perhaps it is.

    And maybe them scrub looking guys ain't so dumb after all.

    Soon as someone needs it worse than you.
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    Looks interesting ProMo - thanks for the link!
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    doesnt suprise me that the cops didnt do anything. this is why i have such disrespect for cops. they will spend more time harrassing some old lady on a traffic stop than want to help find some scumbag hoodrat stealing highdollar equipment. u know why right??? cuz they arent makin any money off finding ur stuff....but they make a killing on traffic stops and useless crap that we barely even need them for. youd be better off doing your own investigation or hiring a private detective (not affiliated w/police) if you truly want to get ur stuff back. good luck man. i hope u catch em.

    p.s. escalade?? makes u think of how many other mowers and equipment these "wankstas" have stolen to buy an escalade. probly havent worked a day in there life either. gotta love em
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    Thats a pretty unfair generalization of police officers. Is it your thinking that you can call in a description and they can just start pulling people over? They call that profiling now (thank your local liberal). If many people knew what kind of restrictions most cops had now, they would just do things the old fashion way....beat down. The truth is, you are probably not half as tough as the team of guys stealing your stuff, and if you pull a weapon...guess who goes to jail.

    Short of an attack alligator named elvis on your trailer (ala Miami Vice) locking your stuff with a chain is the best its going to be. I have that same issue everytime I mow in someones back yard. I take random passes by my equipment to check things out. The fact of the matter is for these theifs, its how they make a living. Its dishonest and horrible to a hard working man, but they are quite good at it.

    Insurance is there for a reason, do your due dilagence, and hope for the best. You cannot stop a motivated theif. They are ballsy and highly skilled. Cops end up getting sued more often than not because these guys know how to play the game start to finish. Its almost a no win situation.

    Damn I miss the good ole western days where scores were settled with a peacemaker.

    And as always, don't forget to vote Democrat! Criminals are people too!

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    Sorry to hear that, I can't believe how mad I get when I hear these stories.....
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    Maybe a private type police force is what we need? A company you could hire to do what the city or county police wont do for you. Kind of like blackwater for the military, but a civilian version to handle things like this, or whatever you hire them for. Im sure this has been discussed before though. I think its a great idea, and things would get done too I bet!! I dont know of any laws that would prevent such a private police/security team?
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    What would be a real eye opener is if you really knew how much in trailer theft is really going on besides lawn equipment. 2005 number was 45 BILLION Dollars.. when I started my company in 1999 it was "only" 5 BILLION.....so theft could be a 60 billion dollar event now. Just so every one knows....theft goes way beyond the talk.....Ken
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    Why would I go to jail if I catch em redhanded taking my stuff if I whip out the peacemaker? Cause you better believe its in my pocket. I didnt say shoot em but let em know their ass is in a real pinch.
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    Minigardner, sorry to hear about your stuff. I know the "feels like I was punched in the stomach" feeling as you stand there in disbelief with your jaw on the pavement.
    Hope your insurance helps.

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