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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mr mow, Jul 25, 2006.

  1. mr mow

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    im using a bench grinder was going to buy a good specialty one,but opted out cause of the feedback from the l.s. crew(lawnsite). anyways i saw something once before on here of not sharpening the backside of blade. why,what happens..and can someone give me a link on the fireball and rgb sites. magnamatic-just not sold on cost v.s. benefit. Thanks
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    I try not to hit the back side but they get nicked up pretty bad sometimes and I will hit the back. I took mine to a dealer to get sharpened (this guy has been doing it forever) and he hits the back some to get an edge. I can't tell any difference. If there are any drawbacks they are not major. Worst you could do is ruin a blade. I'm sure there are many that will disagree but my mower does fine. Many on Lawnsite keep a knife edge at all times.
  3. mr mow

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    im talking very slightly,cause if you look at the blade from the underside after sharpening the top side, there is slight lip and i have noticed if cruise down it with a very perpenticular angle, it seems alot sharper. Am i creating more possiblities of nicks on leading edge or not(im talking one quick swipe on back side, barely an angle?)

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