One bad apple in the bunch..I am Tired of being a baby sitter

Discussion in 'Employment' started by Mr Efficiency, May 1, 2018.

  1. Mr Efficiency

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    I am a softy for this one employe that has worked for me for some time because of his wife and kids.
    I have lost count of the times he has done the same thing as in tex msg.
    I even moved his pay day to Mondays from Friday, it worked for a little while then back to same thing.
    Monday no call then on tuesday eve he sends a tex.
    He knows my # by hart and has acess to a phone.
    Does he realy think I am stupid, I talked to him Sunday late afternoon and he said he would be at work on Monday morning.

    He needs to be let go.


    JLSLLC LawnSite Fanatic
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    Nice knowing ya.
  3. sentiententity

    sentiententity LawnSite Member
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    I've run across a lot of that nonsense. Even if they have kids relying on them, an irresponsible idiot will always be an irresponsible idiot.
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  4. zraffz

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    An idiot is hard enough to deal with but a lazy person is even harder. He'd get the boot!
  5. River

    River LawnSite Silver Member
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    Kick him the the curb. I don’t want a hungover guy running my machines. I had a hard time finding good guys so I gave 60% of my customers away. Muchh happier now solo
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  6. Jmcculler

    Jmcculler LawnSite Member
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    His wife and kids is his responsibility, not yours. Might as well just cut her a check, crawl in his bed and go to jr's baseball games. At least you would be getting something out of the deal. I cant imagine any employer putting up with that. If you gave the same excuse to your customers they would fire you too.
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  7. landscaper22

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    Is he your first employee of have you had many? This is typical and we have all seen it 100 times. get used to it. Unless you are one oof the few on here that says it your fault if your employees keep sucking. lol...may as well let him go, or talk to him and let him know it's his last chance.
    I never had to fire when I worked employees except for one guy. The rest just weeded themselves out...If I really didn't like them, I just started cutting their hours way back. Worked like a charm. They didn't make any money so they would quit fairly quick. We don't have time to baby sit. It's ridiculous.
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  8. Mr Efficiency

    Mr Efficiency LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Someone asked if he is the only employee I have had work for me, no I have had a bunch over 25 years.
    Update, he showed up wed to work. He got his check from the week before, 3 days only. Can you believe he asked to be paid for an entire week, he wanted a few days from this week in advanced to be added. Sorry, not doing that.
    The guy works good when he shows up but I have had enough.
    Once spring rush is all over, he gets the boot.
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  9. Greencuts518

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    Employees suck. I got a sub I pay $20-$30 per hour. He's young and motivated by money. His boss pays him $15 hr so he obviously finds the time to help me. But I still paint houses and can't do heights anymore because of my back, so I pay him good to climb the ladder. He might help me next week raking and if he hustles I'll give him $20 hr. Tired of these losers that say they're going to work and never show up.
  10. landscaper22

    landscaper22 LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Yeah being good only counts when he is there and that doesn't work. I would let him go too after the rush unless he pulls this again before then, then just tell him bye. wanted to get paid for the whole week? tell him this is what happens when you lay out. Work all week, get paid for all week. There people must be on some hard core drugs or something with their way of thinking. lol
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