One Contract, 75 Locations, 18 Mi radius

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TotalCareSolutions, Mar 25, 2003.

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    As a follow up to a previous thread....

    I heard back from an Oil-Change operation, with 75 locations.

    We proposed to them:
    $65 visit basic landscape w/ parking sweep, ea. location, wkly.

    They responded:
    $35 visit basic landscape only, ea. location, twice a month

    It is a metro account and would require travel through city, I am approximating a 15-18 mi radius.

    Most of you can visualize a typical oil-change place, given a few that are no doubt larger grass areas, most are parking and drive thru, particularly a metro account...We could probably "pop" them out, but the drive....definately a volume thing.

    HIT ME!?
  2. TotalCareSolutions

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    HIT ME!? meaning any thoughts or advice
  3. baddboygeorge

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    i would get in on it even though it is under your proposal. i have taken jobs like this in the past thats lead to some awesome accounts.also its an extra 5000 a month , so whatever ya do don't pass it up. show em what ya got an do a good job an next year price won't be an option!!
  4. 65hoss

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    Go for it. They already know they told you NO parking lots. Can't beat $35 for the small amount of grass each has. It should take longer to unload than to cut it. Every 2 weeks, then you should be able to adjust the scheduling now to accomodate it. Its not the best job, but it is volume and revenue. You can make it profitable.
  5. I agree with HOSS........

    $1300 a week for half of the stations each week.

    Split them up so half one week, half the next week.

    This will make them more like a weekly account.

    37 one week, 38 the next week.

    That will keep you at about $1300 a week for them plus still have time to service other accounts.
  6. rodfather

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    Good idea Mike about splitting them up...I would have never thought of that:cool:
  7. jeffex

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    where is your counter offer? $45 and its a deal!! travel time double cut for a 2 times a month account. bagging grass on narrow strips of grass to keep grass off hard-scape. Will your equipment fit into the sites, ie. gates narrow strips of grass etc. I would take a tour of the sites before committing to a number. AT least hit a few spots to get an idea of design of the sites.

    from AL
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    How can they have 75 locations in an 18 mile radius? That's like one every 20 ft.
  9. MOW ED

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    Cities are very populated. I have seen the same gasoline company across the street from each other. 75 in an 18 mile radius is nothing when you actually figure how many people live in the 18 miles. My area has a combined population of 200,000 and there are 25 places I can think of off the top of my head to change oil.
  10. TotalCareSolutions

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    The 18 mile Radius, Atlanta has an expressway circling the city and im approximating a 36 mile diameter. Their locations are primarily inside this "perimeter" as its called. I would imagine they have a couple straddling the line.

    Jeffex, good points. Unfortunately I have not yet toured the sites. I can say that my original proposal would have left them with immaculate sites. Their counter offer tells me that "immaculate" is not necessarily worth the cost. We will not be bagging. The proposal states 'high power mulching' equipment. We will clean up after ourselves. We will have a few different size mowers.

    The counter offer will not include anything additional. At $65 per location, we would have given 2 annual all purpose fertilizations, and cleaned the parking , which would include light trash p/u.

    I know its a guess withoput knowing travel, but........
    A two man crew, HOW MANY A DAY?

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