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Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by jvanvliet, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. jvanvliet

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    Finally getting a weather break, although from low 80's to high 30's low 40's in a matter of a couple of days is extreme. My arthritic bones and titanium knee are rebelling.

    You guys up in N. Florida must be lighting the home fires and pulling out the ice skates. I checked the heat in my house this morning and other than burning off some dust on the heating element, I'm good to go.

    How long will it take the customers who haven't been on an IPM program to complain about their sprinklers systems because the cold weather has shocked the weeds into dormancy and their lawn is browning out?

    How many won't listen when you tell them it's not the sprinklers and crank up the water?

    How many will blame you when it doesn't quite work out the way they wanted?

    Casa Jvan- on a cold morning


  2. Ric

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    I hope that isn't your house in the Picture. IMHO way too many flowers which breaks the basic landscape design rule of 7 to 1. That is 7 green shrubs to every 1 flowering plant. All the plants being the same is another rule breaker because there is no Texture or height layering differences. I could go on but I believe my point is made. It is just too bad Florida or any other state doesn't License landscape designers and any jack leg can claim to be a artist.

    As for weather we have been above average this winter. However you can forget Global warming. If we freeze this week it will be 4 years in a row we have had freezes at night.
  3. Plantculture

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    Sounds like you have a bunch of PIA customers.
    I would suggest firing all of them if they act like that and start over.
  4. jvanvliet

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    Actually that is my house, and you are looking at impatients which are ornamental and seasonal.

    There are three layers of shrubs; aroboragola trinets, coco plum and midnight jasmine. You can't see all of them because the impatients went off the chain. People in the community love the impatients and I'm actually receiving plenty of compliments on these and the ones I installed at other properties. I'm sure it's because they don't know about the 7 to 1 rule and are just relying on their sense of uninformed aesthetics Cretins that they are.

    I'm sure you could go on, but thank you for the information you have provided. I'll keep it in mind.
  5. jvanvliet

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    Also good advice... thank you.
  6. Patriot Services

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    I like the flowers myself. I wish more people planted seasonal color instead of just putting orange mulch around everything.
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  7. KrayzKajun

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    Agreed! :clapping::clapping:
  8. Plantculture

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    People go nuts with the impatiens in late October in our neck of the woods. Landscapers make some nice extra money on the plantings, and PCO's can charge extra for Plant health care.
    Since we don't have snow, why the heck not. Whatever floats your boat.
  9. Keith

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    I don't think I have any customers that think watering is going to fix the cold weather. Plus I have full control of most of their sprinkler systems. I'll padlock them out if I have to ;)

    We've got watering restrictions up here anyway. Once a week starts around the first of November. And since most are on municipal water, they like the break from the high bills.
  10. jvanvliet

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    We don't have any customers that think watering is going to fix the cold weather. We have had customers (and still have some) that don't understand the cold weather kills the weeds in their lawns. Some of them have as much weed as lawn and so large areas brown out, they think it needs water. We try to educate them.

    Unless the customer has an irrigation maintenance agreement with us, we don't assume the liability of managing it.

    Anyway, didn't want to start an argument. Happy new year! :waving:

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