One extreme to another; a couple of questions

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by jvanvliet, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. Keith

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    Are you suggesting that customers will see brown grass/weeds, and think the lawn needs more water? One cannot outsmart winter by turning the lawn into a swamp. If so, that is what I meant by the water "fixing the cold weather." If not, I missed your point altogether.
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  2. jvanvliet

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    Yes, that was it. & you are correct, one cannot outsmart winter (or any type of turf stress save drought) by turning the lawn into a swamp. There remains a large group of people that continue to believe that any browning of their turf lawns is a function of lack of water. They have a difficult time making the bridge between cause, effect and proper treatment.

    We do try to educate them, and many do learn, but for many others the first response to turf stress is water. Somehow I'm convinced this problem is pervasive in S. Florida.
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    Today I have a good chill and strong winds. We are out wrapping a few of the vulnerable plants.
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    "Whatever floats your boat," but ten ton Impatiens in one yard doesn't float my boat. It is way over stated and I am a Believer in LESS IS MORE when it comes to Class not Crass. Sorry But IMHO My Puerto Rican neighbor's yard with all the lawn Ornaments and plastic pin wheels looks about the same Class level.
  5. I agree with the point about your neighbor, but plant is stating the impatiens is good extra money for everyone. Sorry, but I'm not going to turn away the work considering how good the margins are bc it doesn't float my boat. Around here, people spend thousands upon thousands on winter annuals. I think Jvan needs to cut his back at the most.
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  6. Keith

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    Nature might do it for him this evening.
  7. Plantculture

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    I appreciate your sentiment, which reminds me of a house I parked in front of in the Wynwood district (very sketch) in Miami for Art basel. The guy had a miniature Christmas village taking up the entire driveway.

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