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I am going to use my 1,500th post to make a plea to all members to fill in your profiles. We don't want your address, just the name of the state you live in and if you could put in what part of the state, it would be a help on giving answers to your posts. For example if I asked a question like, "I'm going to overseed a lawn, what seed should I use"? If you didn't know what state I lived in, you would then have to ask, where do you live. Now if I had just Illinois in my profile, it still wouldn't help a lot. This state is almost 400 miles long, so there is a big temperature difference. So put what part of the state you live unless it's a tiny state you live in.

Having your email address available would be nice also. If you put in a bad email address and Chuck can't get in touch with you, more than likely, your membership will be terminated. I get email all the time from someone that would like to email another member, but can't because of an email address not being listed. This forum is about sharing information, so why would you not want your email listed? I have noticed some of you don't have your email listed, but you will add it to a post if you want someone to email you. You can still change your profile at any time, so PLEASE go to your PROFILE and add this information NOW before you forget.

After you add this info to your profile, could you let us know below that you have done this so others will see this and add theirs? Thanks, it will be a big help to all members.


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I second that commotion!



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NE Ohio
Yeah what they said :)

It is kind of hard to send a file that someone asks you for if you don't have your email listed.....

Congrats on the big 1500 Eric



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I guess I'm a goodie-goodie because I had mine filled out since the beginning. I have updated it regularly though. Come on guys (girls) there is nothing to hide, we are all friends here, fill 'em out. Age, and years in business helps out too.



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congrats on #1500 Eric, I just made a modification to mine, come on guys fill them out, it helps to look at a profile when a topic is being discussed to see if you are in the same zone ect.
Hello Everybody:

Eric is right!

I even got mine filled out & I'm not in the business any more. It helps us all in answering questions that you guys ask.

In order to be part of it you got to help us make it a 2 way street. It's not like it's going to jepordize your life or anything.

You post a question & then you wait & wait. Not knowing that we need more info to help answer yo questions.

Please Knock out those Profiles, where you live & yo E-mail address? It's all about helping you help yourself?

LOL, Help us, Help You!

Be part of the Solution!!!!!

PS: Sorry for such a SHORT POST? I promise I'll do BETTER!


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Eric maybe you should make it manditory to fill out those fields in order to be a member of lawnsite.

I'm going to check my profile now to make sure it is up to date.

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