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Eric, I hate to bother you with this but, could you explain in detail how to make the blade balancer with bearings. Ive been using the cone and it does not seem very accurate. Thanks.

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Here is how you make it and a picture of it too. Adam, from AB Lawn Care posted about making a blade balancer with ball bearings in a previous post. I added a 1.5" washer and found a good place for it if you have a RBG grinder. It works great and you can see it at the bottom of this picture. I also added a 4" by 1.5" channel iron to make the table bigger for making it easier to keep the blades flat on the table. I mounted the balancer to it with a 1/4" bolt, the 2-5/8" bearings with a 1/4" hole, 1.5" washer, 1/4" nut, then the bolt through the channel iron, a lock washer, and then another 1/4" nut.