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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by badranman, Apr 18, 2006.

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    Well anybody actually, I know that ksss has a buddy in R&D at Bobcat. Does anyone have any experience with Bobcat steel tracks? I just bought another 430 4 ton and broke a track today with only 19 hrs on it. The piece which wraps around one of the pins snapped off. We weren't in anything that should have caused this. The Bobcat service manager even came out and said the same thing. He's never had one break, although they haven't sold but a few with steel tracks. The steel looks pretty cheap, almost like white metal. The tracks aren't as heavy as I thought they'd be either. Are they known for this or did I just get a POS track? :realmad:
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    I have not heard anything about the steel tracks either good or bad. There are not many of those around. Will your dealer warranty it? Give me a little while and I will check into it.
  3. Gravel Rat

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    I would make Bobcat replace the the chain and bolt your pads to it. I never heard of a excavator breaking the track chain.

    I wouldn't get too concerned about the durability of steel tracks the 161 Kubota I worked with never had any problems with is tracks they are close to 20" wide.
  4. badranman

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    There is no chain. The track links are a one piece design with built in chain sorta. The outside edge grabs the inside edge of the next one if you know what I mean. Service manager took some pics and is going to see what they say.
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    Ouch, that's a tad frustrating, isn't it? I had the same feeling whenever the hydraulic couplers on our 216 would leak all over the place. Got the problem fixed and now we're happy. Either way, you'll get it resolved.

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