One man crew is the way to go.

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Well from what I have learned I feel that a one man crew is the way to go. You just have to know how to go about it. I feel that sharing profits with the operator is a good way. 50% after expenses. if he messes up he fixes it on his own time and money. He makes the bids instead of the owner. He bids what he wants to make, granted that he doesn't bid to high and lose the bid. If he doesn't complete the work then he doesnt get the money he could have made. Only thing is he supplys the dependable truck you supply the trailer and Equipment. If a person succeded at this and had about three crews running then when one got behind then the others can help pick of the slack to get back on schedule... I think I over time I am going to give this a try granted I find a good hard willing worker to do the work.

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I have been preparing to do something similar for next year. But in no way is a one person crew good enough. Two people can triple the output of one. The person supplies the truck and I supply the equipment and work. After all expenses he will get 50% of profit.


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We use a 3 man crew for 2 years, before we ran 2 man crew. 3 is the best and 2 is very close, sorry but you can get 3-4
times as much completed. We can have over 20 Residential homes done in just over 8 hours and some are 2-4acres.
Duncan IN

Duncan IN

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Well it all depends on your employees if you can find some good people who really care about the quality of work then your fine. It seems when you get more people the quality of work goes down. Maybe not for you. Just from my experiences

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The major problem your going to run into is equipment costs. You will have to buy double equipment for two one-man crews compared to one two-man crew. You will have to buy an extra trailer, plus each trailer needs to have two of every equipment in case one breaks down. Your productivity will be a little slower as well. Plus your providing equipment and he just supplies truck but gets half the profit..sounds pretty good for him since you put out more money. In my experience this will not work out in the long have not increased productivity but you have increases overhead costs.


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I believe if I were doing this Id pay
an accountant to give you a 6 month
projection.You supply him with nummbers
based on what you are doing now.then add
additional cost that he tells you will
be there, tax and the many other.
With the figures down in black and white,
you are in a better position to know what
it will take to make it happen.Good luck


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You are right, I will have a one man (ME) and one woman (my WIFE) crew starting next fall when my daughter starts school full time.
Share the profits, all the equity in equipment is ours.

Sorry for being a smart gr-ass but up here there is no dependable help to find other than family. All the good motivated people have jobs as this county has the biggest job growth and lowest unemployment rate in the state. You can only depend on yourself to get the work done. I see businesses that are going down because of no help. Too much hassle.


OK, I'm a lone operator so I'm kinda familiar with a one man "crew". In my situation, fairly spread out route and relatively small jobs, I find the most cost efficient crew is one person.

Look at it this way, two men doubles the cost of travel time right off the bat.

Most of my jobs are the "wrong" size so that if I jump on a mower and have a helper trimming/blowing he'd done ahead of me. But not enough ahead to make it worth unloading the other mower. More dead time.

I can do more lawns in a given day with a helper, but my overall hourly rate per man hour goes down.

The other factor in there is that while I may make less money with a helper along, I feel immeasurably better at the end of the day because I have had a companion. I am finding that I can't deal well with day after day of solitude. In that respect I think I prefer the lower rate and company to turning more dollars and fighting depression from too much time alone.