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One man crew


LawnSite Member
Langhorne, PA
I am 17 years old and am absolutely addicted to lawn mowing! I have slightly more than 15 customers and am doing fine in my little business. However, when I am driving around gawking at all the big business, I notice that only one person is mowing the lawn, yet they have two big mowers. I have one big commercial Exmark Mower and one small walk-behind. So, why does one person need two big commercial mowers?

gene gls

LawnSite Gold Member
You will find in due time that you need two of every thing that you use on a daily bassis.When one is down for repairs you are still working with the spare unit.


LawnSite Member
Different size mowers suit different size lawns. I usually carry around a 48 walk behind and a 61 Grasshopper when I mow by myself. The 48 does most of the mowing and my Hopper knocks out some of the bigger accounts I maintain.<p>Gene is right though....The more your business takes off...the more you'll begin to rely on your equipment. Back-Up mowers will definatly be needed if you begin to push your equipment 40 or more hours a week.<p>When I first dove into the lawn care/landscaping business, I'd fix all my equipment myself and usually didn't have any machines down for more than 24 hours. As you progress though and start working longer and longer hours....your relaxation time will be somewhat more important to you.<p>Personally....I'd much rather pay someone $100.00 dollars to fix a piece of equipment while I kick back and drink beer with the guys rather than spend all my time maintaining equipment.


LawnSite Senior Member
columbia Md
ok here it is i am 19 and have 70 contracts with all types of lawns. if i am working alone i take my 52in ztr (for most of the cutting) and a 36in wb for gates and hills this works well for me.