one man crew?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by CNYScapes, Dec 12, 2012.

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    I don't like 1 men crew for the following reasons.

    1. what if one person calls of sick which happens all the time in the lawn care industry. If you only have one man to the truck you miss a whole day or two of mowing. If you have a two man crew you can just send the one out and get the job done.

    2. Morale will be low in the company. When you mow by yourself which I did for years you just don't have the same spunk as you do if you have a partner. You skip a spot in the backyard, you don't edge every week,just the little things you start slacking on because your trying to speed through everything to get it done.

    I think if you have a strong one man worker throw him out their , but I wouldn't make all my crews one man.
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    I just did some math on this for my business. I assumed that 1 guy could mow 32 lawns per 4-day week, and a 2 man crew could mow 54 lawns in a 4-day week. (these are based on my history with my actual customer route). Even after adding in the additional cost of a truck, the 1 man crews are way more profitable.
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    There is a company locally that runs Rangers and single axle trailers with either 2 wb's or 1 wb and and a push.
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    Hackitdown you are right production does not double, this is the standard production model in economics based on the agricultural production model which spoke to farm workers.
    I run alone, I am productive as I want to be.
    The point I would like to make, and I think Agape mentioned is was that paying one person a little more and have them as a team leader is a good idea. What the two man crew brings to the work place is someone in charge of quality. It might be worth putting together a spread sheet check list for the leader of the crew to check off everything that YOU consider should be done on the property - I owe my entire business to other people crews who had to get x amount of lawns done by days end - I am great full.

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