One man Crews. How do you do it?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Mabrito88, Aug 1, 2013.

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    I work in advertising and marketing communications. Have for 15 years. I also have a handful of lawn mowing customers to get me outside. (And keep me sane!)

    Anyway, I disagree with your opinion of flyers. Time and time again I see people complain about the ineffectiveness of flyers. Then I look at them and right off the bat know why their particular flyer failed. Content is king. You can have the most beautifully designed piece in the world, but without the right messaging (copy), you're just wasting your time.

    Long story short, never underestimate the words you choose in your marketing materials or the placement of these words. And most importantly, don't bury your offer. In your flyer, you did just that. You should've been SCREAMING it loud and proud in the headline...not lead with your business name. That's a big no no.
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    Thanks for the info, I appreciate the critique and caught the spelling error on the copy that went to print. I'm actually planning on studying marketing myself.

    The design itself has actually done well, just not in the physical mailbox approach. However, I have been looking into other ones and will have almost a total overhaul for v3.
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    The Scotts direct mail pamphlets/flyers around my area are great examples on how to execute a direct mail piece.
  4. Ormond32176

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    Thanks for the heads up. I'll look into those.
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    Okay, so what I have gathered so far,
    It is very possible to make a living as a solo lawn mower
    Charge more than $25 per lawn
    Its a whole lot easier when you have a spouse that works.
    Flyers work for some, but not all.
    It's a Thanks for all the tips and info guys.
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    I currently have around the neighborhood of 50 accounts all weekly and I have a wife and two kids. It is hard but my wife works so that helps. Most of my lawns are $30-45 per cut and a few town homes with a patch of grass for $25. I recently merged with a partner and have plans to grow and here getting the business isn't hard its keeping the business. When it rains I personally don't like to cut since most are high end lawns and I don't want to rut them up and lately we've had tons of rain. Also I've had truck issues and that's more time off and skipped days. People will drop you in a heart beat if you don't show up a week and its funny because there the ones you have to talk into weekly service vs biweekly. I always see door hangers and flyers in paper boxes from other lawn company's trying to gain my customers business and I have no idea how many other lawn guys actually approach my customers and try to steal them. Here the area is flooded with lco's and I don't mind competition since there's so many lawns to go around but my point of this post is its not a stable income. Its hard to support a family on the income and IF you don't do leaf removals or anything then your limited to your mowing income. I'm currently in the position where I'm busy every day of the week mowing and then the only days I have for landscape jobs is Saturday and Sunday which I like to spend with my family. I barely have time to trim hedges while I'm at a customers property.
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    Sounds like you and I are in the same boat..lots of rain, truck problems, saturated market. I'm in Georgia, so I think our markets are similar. In time I would like to cut back my mowing to just three days a week and venture into something else. I feel like landscaping has provided me with a good quality of life so far but I do think I can do something bigger in my lifetime.
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    Only doing 8/day would be about 3-4 hours of work. You can work 8-10 hours/day and obviously earn significantly more. Also, when you get pretty booked you can raise your prices so the average is 30 instead of 25 for example. When you are booked you can also hire a helper. You can pay him $100/day to earn you 400/day. That can greatly increase your revenue.

    I hope this helped.
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    It's funny how many assumptions we all make regarding what everyone else does based upon what WE do.

    Not everyone works ideal lawns using ideal equipment.

    Some days I do 12 lawns in 8 hours and some days I do 8. It depends on the jobs and on how tight the route is on a particular day.
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    Our market in Charlotte is very saturated and its only getting worse. I may have a cummins and the engine is amazing but the rest of the truck isn't that great imo. Plus stuff wears out especially since I drive it a lot doing lawn care. In the past month or so I've gotten tires, front and rear brakes, wheel bearings, entire front end re-done, and the list is growing. It has 275K + but that's nothing for the engine but for the truck itself everything is wearing out and when you don't make it on a scheduled day they will cut it them selves, hire someone else, or maybe stick it out with you but when it happens again in another two weeks then they'll of course find someone else.

    As far as the rain its been crazy this year. Growth has never really slowed too much which is great but when its so wet you get a mower stuck in someones lawn its rained way too much and you shouldn't be on a mower but customers don't understand that. They just think you can cut no matter what. I explain about how its not good for the grass but they don't care because they say "well if we get a fungus or disease that's why we hired you" haha.

    OAKNUT: Your right. Some days my route is super tight and I can cut 14 that day solo and be home by 7pm ish but others I'm lucky to get 8 done because I cut a few bigger lawns and my route isn't as tight.
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