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    Hey everyone I just wanna start by saying im glad I joined the site.

    Im 17 From Georgia and love landscaping I dont know everything there is to know but im working my way there.I been trying to get a job for about a year and tried everywhere with no luck so since I love landscaping and have been doing it for a few years now I've decieded to take to the next level and make it my job and my own company.The way I came up with the name is well it's going to be just me no one else.Im not looking to make alot of money my 1st year I know it takes time to get it built up.Im starting in my Subdivision due to I wont be driving for another 2 months but yeah I just wanted to introduce myself and stuff like that.If you have any tips or anything post them up im open to any new tips or ideas.

    Chris Durham

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    Welcome to Lawnsite...Good Luck!
  3. One Man Lawn Care

    One Man Lawn Care LawnSite Member
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    Im in need of a little help im starting out doing lawns at 25 for front and 50 for a full and raking will 15 front and 30 for a full is that a bad price or what Im using a push mower and rake its all dont manually pleaselet me know Thank..Chris Durham
  4. One Man Lawn Care

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    can any one help or anything
  5. tha1027455

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    Man, you're more expensive than I! My minimum is $30 bucks and that includes front and back. If the yards are 1/4 to 1/2 acre in a regular subdivision, I say thats to high, especially in the economic times. Also, are you only mow and blow? If so, your services are lower thus lower cost. I think you would be good with 35 bucks to start, and include backyard in service, instead of adding it on as extra. But thats with me just guessing by what you said, IF you can get those prices, then more power to you.
  6. jeffslawnservice

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    i just started doing almost the same thing that your doing. no landscape company is going to hire a 17 year old for insurance purposes or becasue they think you will be irresponsible (thats what its like around my area) but good for you i also start my own buisness. I advice you to buy a trimmer/weedwacker what ever you call it. It doesnt need to be real expensive. Buy a homeowner one for now it will last for at least a year till you get enough money to buy a better commercial one. Plus you should also look into offering more services you will make more money. Best of Luck
  7. One Man Lawn Care

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    I've been adding a few things.I do offer weed eating and some other stuff as well.The yards im working with are about an acre big prices do vary as ive stated in the flyers ill be passing out here in a few days but im trying to get everything settled before I start passing them out.Thanks.Chris Durham
  8. PAR Lawn

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    Hi, next month is the time to start over-seeding and fert. Big money maker there my friend. I charge 5 bucks a bag for fert. and the cost of the seed. Quick way to get some fast cash together for the summer months and start your business off smooth.
    I'm a one man show too and it's great when all you have to rely on is you. So make the best of this next month by putting out flyers now for the extras to come. See if your Dad of a friend could help you out in picking up the fert. & seed for you and have them drop it where you need it to go, and by this time next year you'll be driving a new truck if you keep up the level of service. People need to be reminded that it's time to seed and feed. You do that and they'll be good customers for life if they see you have their best interests at heart.....Gr8 success is up to you.! Have a great week!
  9. TheCanadianLawnRanger

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    I find a good money maker is aerating i do a ton of it. I bought a machine last year and paid for it in like 2 weeks. you just have to be out on the streets alot and the $$$$ rolls in
  10. lawnfreak09

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    fert license?

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