One man show income?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by LAZYP, Oct 5, 2007.

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    I am relocating to the lakes area of northern Minnesota.(big bucks) How much income (net) can a one man show generate? I want to concentrate on granular fertilizer application only. I'll be semi retired but need to have some income and alot of exercise. There is a Chem-Lawn franchise in the area. Any advice would be appreiciated. Thanks!
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    Find a niche, research organic fertalizers, no chemicals lala, might do well around the lakes, sell the "enviromentally sound" philosphy, theres alot of property on the water there....Im here on the atlantic coast now but spent 8 years in the brainerd area in the golf business before leaving the long winters behind, the powers that be around there are really watching the environment as the area develops.
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    You might look into a company called Rocky Mtn Bio Products. I have been doing some checking and I am really impressed with what I see. I specialize in what we call fine turf management. I take care of cutting trimming pruning and fertilization of propertys with an added emphasis on proper soil and plant health. The ski resorts really like this approach. The web address is Good luck
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    it doesnt work well, never has, never will most likely

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