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One Million In a YEAR!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by LAWNKC, Dec 21, 2009.


    LAWNKC LawnSite Member
    Messages: 6

    well now that I got your attention ....HI

    well lets see if I can keep this simple. Currently Im finishing my last year at Pittstate in the automotive program with my 4 year degree, and after some time off and family health problems from the looks of everyone else I am 23yrs old and appear to be getting into this business a little late LOL. I used to run a small lawn business in middle school and with a push mower and a 4 door integra it was more of a pain than a profit. now its time to do it right

    My plans are to pick up as many contracts as possible without lowballing myself to the extent it just becomes exercise. I plan on running part time until it will support a full-time job. The capital maker will likely be auto adjusting with a local insurance company as I have done for several Internships. This will allow me to have company car and work my own schedule while I set up a rig. My reason for not just sticking to such a job is I dont want to work for someone else. I want a direct correlation from my work ethic to my paycheck, and yes I realize being your own boss is anything but easy but Im not going into this completely blind. to me the same desk job everyday is not for me but I knew going into this or a similar business the degree will be my back up for whatever reason, injury, competition, economy etc. So for the next several months I will take in as much info as I can to get an idea of what rig set up I want and only continue expanding my knowledge from there. Im sure many of you have first timer advice so by all means hit me with it :). My main concern is I will be competing with alot of full service companies and my general knowledge is not near strong enough to offer such services at the quality I would accept from myself. so for the time being I will be focusing on basic mowing clients and fall cleanup, and during the winters snow removal and especially salting with as much icing we get.

    Other than the business I toy with alot of cars kinda why I want to get out of the auto business not to mention it took a DIVE!!!! but I've found over the last 3 years that turning my passion into a career started to take the fun out of it. if anyone is interested check out www.v8s2000.com a good friend and I started this forum after completing several ls1 Rx7's and that was his next project, you will find me under meet and greet as MIDWEST7.

    other than that HELLO :waving:

    p.s. if my typing seems a little off I didnt bother to proof this lol ive been searching the site for the last 6 hours no sleep yet :) so cut me a break, to those that took the time to read this thanks and look forward to meeting with several of you.
  2. JFGauvreau

    JFGauvreau LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,298

    Well good luck to you in the future with your part-time business, its nice that your going for that degree, like you said, it will be a very nice backup if anything goes wrong.

    As for first timer tips, I'm also new here, opening my biz in next spring, but more property maintenance then lawn care, so I have no clue about mowing. But for landscaping, you should definitely work at a landscaping company to earn experience before you start doing landscaping for someone else.

    But I can charge my 3 tips in my opinion that you NEED before starting a business.

    -Very well organized
    -Financially ready
    -Need to love what you do.

    Good luck once again!
  3. Lawn Man Dave

    Lawn Man Dave LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 420


    There is a few around here..... one run's 10's on the bottle on Drag Radial's hooking as hard as the RX7 suspension will allow.

    LAWNKC LawnSite Member
    Messages: 6

    Yep fun little go carts. for awhile I was building them and selling them with a friend that alone paid for tuition, until some janitor caught wind of us taking advantage of the school facilities and got all jealous we were making more than him and he raised hell :(.

    currently my drag radial set up will run a good 11.20-50 pass all day all motor and that's a mild build street car its nice to get 30mpg too. I fear much more with go go juice will blow apart the stock differential.

    As for JFGauvreau- thanks for all the encouragement and advice :).
    I definitely will take it step by step as far as equipment I plan on getting strong equipment and use my older silverado at this time and move up from there that way the money is being used on the right stuff and doesn't put me over my head.

    I definitely agree that you have to do what you love, I find something as little as mowing I enjoy taking pride in the finished product, what I really want to do and hope the economy picks up for is build a strong clientele and start offering pressure washing and deck staining as additional service, everyone in kc area has wood decks so its one route there is not as much flat work and algae as southern parts, but this is all in due time.
  5. Lawn Man Dave

    Lawn Man Dave LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 420

    Can't blame a school or buisness for getting iritated at a student or employee using their property to make money when they are not getting a cut :).

    LAWNKC LawnSite Member
    Messages: 6

    it wasnt so much the school that cared, it was a janitor who was like , why can't I bring in my own projects and work on them... lol as if the tuition we pay isnt outragous enough lol.... point taken, however it wasnt an abuse of the property or facilities just to make clear, it was more of a someone else said why not me too... so long story short we had to give up the fancy lifts and air tools to return to small one car garage floor builds.

    what was ironic is, whenever a highschool class came to tour, it was all fine and dandy not only that it was encouraged to show off the cars we built as if it was something the school taught us lol, like a oooo look what you get to do here sort of thing.

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