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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by gotgreen?, May 26, 2004.

  1. gotgreen?

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    So I am interested on starting on the lawn care buss, but I am limited on funds, I went to price different W/B and i found the better price to be for the SCAG SW36A-15K, $2499.00 wich is a belt drive, I have been doing some reading on this forum and have come accross people complaining about belt drives, I told this to the salesman and he said that this is may happen more if a sulkie is being use but not a real problem if only walking. Also found on the Internet the Better Quick36 witch is a hydro for an even better price, $1995.00. I still need a trailer, 2 trimmers and 1 back pack blower, a b/u hand held and maybe an edger also, by the way, all RedMax. Later if this works out I will like to get a rider Z/T with a 52"deck, maybe a hustler or a Toro witch will compliment a 36" very well for what I have read on this forum, but now this is about the W/B and the point of this is I like to stay on the $2500 or less for this, (W/B) to keep all these in a budget. Any opinions or suggestions will be appreciated.
  2. Rustic Goat

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    You started out on the right foot, Scag that is, then your post went downhill from there.

    Folks are more willing and go out of their way more to tell you a negative or tell you of trouble. Some even about trouble they think they know about but never really experienced.

    I've a 36" 15 HP, belt drive Scag, used on residential properties of all types, sizes, terrains.
    Have never had a bit of trouble with drive belt slippage, even in wet grass, even in the rain.

    I'm not built small, I use a sulky all the time, up and down some fairly steep inclines. So steep, going horizontally is a problem keeping the mower going straight.

    NEVER have had the slightest bit of problem with drive belt slippage.

    Only belt I had to replace this last year was the blade drive belt and that was caused by the high dollar blades I was trying out clogged and jambed, burned a spot on the belt.
  3. grassrootsinab

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    I have a gear drive 38" Deere. I bought it used for about 1/2 of new cost with only 200hrs on it. After running it for a year and a half, I notice that my productivity would go up if I didn't have to three point turn or go around the whole yard a second time to get rid of the "tear-drops" left when I turn. The hydro drive WB will turn a little better (the inside wheel actually turns back) so you're not left with the unfinished turn. Cleaning this up can take a few extra minutes per yard. I'm wishing now I'd spent a bit more on a hydro drive.

    As far as tracking or pulling a sulky (I have a single velky), it pulls me no problems (I'm 225 pounds) and haven't experience any slipping. It does cut nicer without pulling me though.
  4. creek chub

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    I agree with grassroots. I just bought a emark belt drive, I'm happy with it's overall performance. However, a hydro will be more productive if you can afford it.

    If you can't that's ok. It'll make you appreciate the day you can afford a hydro. I'm already planning on a larger hydro next and use my 36" belt drive for misc. stuff and gated yards.

    Good Luck
  5. blankenshiplawncare

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    I find myself not as concerned with the belt drive as the ability to adjust the deck with out a hydraulic lift and a pit crew. I agree with the weight issue, I am no light weight at 205 and my Exmark 36" pulls me on a single wheel skully fine (belt driven). I just can't stand changing the deck height. I have found on most residential yards I need to use my WB because of weight of the mower. I have a JD 717 and it will leave mud tracks on a wet yard.

    Good luck on your venture.
  6. lawnranger44

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    We have an eXmark metro 36" and it's belt-drive. It satisfies our needs but a hydro would be a lot more productive. I would recommend looking into the better quick 36. I have not used it personally but you might want to get more details and maybe demo it.
  7. creek chub

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    do a search on the quick 36! If I remember correctly, it didn't get great reviews.
  8. The C Man

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    You remember INcorrectly. I've had mine for a month. It's light, easy to maneuver, and compact as heck.
  9. creek chub

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    My bad c man. The bad reviews were for their aerators.

    Creek Chub
  10. The C Man

    The C Man LawnSite Senior Member
    from Ohio
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    Well you're one up on me, I didn't even know they made aerators!

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