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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by caleb_harlan, Mar 17, 2003.

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    earlier their was talk about scheduleing and I read all of them. I want to put my customers on a weekly schedule this year. Having 25 yards in a small town i was able to monitor each lawn and mow when needed. This year cant do that anymore.

    There is just one question.

    What do you guys do about the next coming week. For example. Many people talked about rain moves lawns to the next day or make up day of the week. I have two difernt problems.

    If it rains on tuesday and I mow it on wednesday. Next week do you mow that lawn on tuesday or now is it a wednesday lawn.

    Second many of you guys have so many lawns that each one is done on a certain day. How do you overcome rains on monday and keep tuesday and wednesday customers happy by keeping their schedule. How is this done. (this is why some of you have to mow in rain.)

    The main idea is What do you guys do about those made up lawns in the coming next week.
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    To answer your first question: If I ususally mow on Tue and because of rain have to mow on wed this week, next week I will mow on tues again. If you continually keep moving your day back every time it rains then you are mowing every 8 days (hypothetical, it is raining on that day, every week), but over time you will lose a few weeks worth of income.

    Question 2: I choose not to mow during the rain, unless I am part way though a property and then I will finish, I have a policy of not mowing during or until 4 hours after a decent rainfall. Because of this policy I ususally leave a very light mowing load on Wed. If it rains early in the week I work longer on Tue and Wed, if rain is forcasted for the end of the week, again we shift things earlier. As for keeping my customers happy, I know them and they know me, If their date needs to be pushed back or forwards I usually call them the first few times every year, after that they understand that I use the information (weather report, etc) that I have and adjust accordingly.

    Keeping your customers informed about your policies will keep them happy and allow you freedom to do your job without them calling and harassing you.
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    Excellent Point. I do the same as mentioned in the above post. Its a good idea not to over book your week. You need a "light" mowing day. When we get backed up we combined crews to bang everything out in a timely fashion. With my scheduling all the crews work in the same general area each day of the week. Its helps keeps down time to a minimum. I am in the process of zoning off my snow plowing as well after this year. The number one problem guys have is booking too many lawns a day or week. Thats why some guys cut in the rain. We try to avoid doing so. Don't get me wrong sometimes you have to do what you have to do.

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