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One more thing, grass stains.


LawnSite Senior Member
Anybody have any good ideas to remove grass stains from sidewalks. I try not to drive on the walks if I can avoid it but sometimes I have to. There is nothing in my opinion that can mess up a good cut and trim except green grass stains on the sidewalk. Any suggestions?



LawnSite Senior Member
stop driving over grass u just cut. find another way around, especially when it is wet. otherwise ur screwed, unless it rains after you leave


LawnSite Fanatic
First try to avoid it ...but sometimes we lay cardboard down. And frequently we will use a 21" and carry it across sidewalks if it is raining and we need to mow. Then if we get something on walks we immediately blow it off and carry a 5 gallon bucket of bleach/water and scrub brush and it get enough off to avoid complaints. The trick is to make the stains in places less likely to be a problem.....I am mainly talking abouit commericial.