One More Time.... Is anyone using the 60" NEW MULCH on DEMAND DECK for JD??????

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MJB, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. MJB

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    from Wa
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    The new deck fits JD 757 and 777. You can see it on JD website, it looks awesome. You can go from mulching to side discharge in 2 seconds. Not only does it close off the discharge shoot, but it also closes baffles around each blade. I don't have the link now, but looked at it on JD website. I'm thinking of replacing my Exmark, and wanted some imput from you JD users.
  2. TLS

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    Actually, I don't think it looks all that awesome. I see major problems with the linkage wearing/breaking and causing problems. What happens when all those movable plates get gummed up with grass and muck?

    Looks like a good idea on paper, but I'd have to try one thats been in operation a few hundred hours to get a feel for it.

    New, I think everything would work real slick.
  3. Daner

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    Why not mulch all the time...with the real kit...Just take it out in the spring time... if you mow tall wet stuff.
  4. brookviewlawncare

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    yes we have two have posted on them before. what ? do you have
  5. troy03

    troy03 LawnSite Member
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    We run all Exmark right now, but I have a demo 757 MOD from a local dealer on my trailer right now. I havent used the 757 much yet, but the dealer gave me a 777 MOD about a week ago, wasnt to happy with the way it preformed. Ill see who the 757 does in the morning and that will decide either deere or exmark.
  6. green acres lawns

    green acres lawns LawnSite Senior Member
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    It's an interesting idea, but I'd have to wait and see how well it works after a season or two of commercial use. Looks like the joints and baffles would gum up and stick.
  7. rodneyskip

    rodneyskip LawnSite Member
    from KY
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    I have a 757 mod with about 10 hours on it. I just traded a 2 month old 757 for it. Right now I have a love/hate relationship with it.

    Things I love:

    I mow several places along a busy road with busy parking lots- I like the mulch position then.

    I mowed a drugstore today for the first time (new account) that the previous guy left a lot of windrows (sp?) on. It did a great job of making them disappear.

    I like the option of mulching when the wind is blowing the discharge back in my face. Along the same line- I think the MOD deck helps my allergies alot by not filling the air with as much debris.

    The MOD deck seems to stripe better.

    In the right circumstances it can leave a cut just as clean as a bagger. (Good Lawn- no weeds)

    It definitely saves on cleanup time and mowing time (because I don't have to worry about which way the discharge chute is facing).

    There seems to be plenty of power in all circumstances (not had it even think about bogging down yet- but tomorrow will be a big test on a 4 acre yard that's not been mowed in 11 days).
    THings I hate:

    1) You have to go a little slower with the MOD deck (open or closed) or it will knock down some taller grass.

    2) I took the standard blades off after 2 hours because of this knock-down issue and installed some hi-lifts that come standard on 7-iron II decks. I think they do much better, but may try the MOD standard blades again now that I know that I must slow down some.

    3) In thick grass it can leave a discharge trail next to the discharge chute (in mulch position).

    4) Though I have not had to clean my deck yet- it still is much dirtier than my 757 with the 7-iron II. I think I will need to clean it every 10 hours.

    5) Wet grass is turned into mush by the MOD deck and can keep it from closing properly. THe solution I use is to open and close vigiorously.

    6) In the "open" position the MOD deck does not discharge nearly as well as the 7-iron II.

    In summary- sometimes I really love my MOD deck and think I made a good decision- other times I wish I had the other deck.
    Don't be fooled- though the MOD deck is a 7-iron II deck- it does not perform like one. It not only has the "moveable" baffles, it has "fixed" baffles that really change how this deck discharges.

    I wonder if an OCDC would have been better? But the cut looks so good when everything comes together.

    I guess the jury is still out.
  8. MJB

    MJB LawnSite Silver Member
    from Wa
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    Thanks for your replys. I was able to demo one today on a 757. Keep in mind up here we have tall wet sticky kentucky blue grass , fescue, mix. If I mulched more than 2 inches of grass it would windrow more on the right side, but it chewed it up fine. My Exmark would mulch & distribute more evenly than the JD. But the cut quality was very close. But when I made my 2nd pass I opened it to side discharge in an attempt to distibute the excess clippings and it did not do a very good job of cleaning it up. Usually I mulch first if I can, then use my grasshopper with side discharge 180 degrees to hide the clippings, or if it is to wet I side discharge the first pass then use the mulcher to hide the clippings. When it's growing like it is 6 inches it's hard to get by on just a mulcher. I thought the JD might solve the problem with 1 machine. I was impressed with the mower, better downhill traction, the baffles were heavy duty the mower had 25 hrs of use and the deck had not been cleaned yet the baffles seemed to work with no problem. One more thing when looking under the mower I swear it looks just like the Exmark deck, even the blades look identical. I'm not convinced yet so I welcome your replys or suggestions.
  9. MJB

    MJB LawnSite Silver Member
    from Wa
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    Rodneyskip , Thanks for the info. Do you mind telling me what you paid for it? The dealer out here said 10,900 for the 757, offered the demo unit for 10,200. I would almost buy one just for the dealer support, my Exmark dealer is 70 miles away and doesn't have hardly any parts etc. So really I have no support other than ordering parts and waiting for days. But the Exmark ultra cut deck is hard to beat.
  10. 7 IRON

    7 IRON LawnSite Member
    from VT
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    I Just Sold A 757 W/60" MOD Deck For 8900.00.:drinkup:

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