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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by gcbailey, Jun 24, 2013.

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    Had a interstate hi-way worker get killed a few years ago here when the pickup truck (with lights on) got hit and flew into him while he was running a trimmer.
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    Most who ride motorcycles, and have taken a safe riding course, understand that the body will tend to follow where the eyes look. Indiscernible body motions will take you where you don't want to go if you are fixated on it. Drivers should instead choose their path well ahead of time allowing a buffer zone for the hazard, as Richard and C & T speak of, not look toward the item or line they are trying to avoid, and fix their eyes on the path they want to take.

    This phenomenon is often the cause of a second rider going off the road, simply because the rider in front of him did, when in all probability it could have been avoided.

    I have been hit by cars in construction areas as a flagger, buzzed on the road by a laughing truck driver because he wanted to watch the cones fly, have within inches almost been hit by a flying coiled ramp spring and the resultant tire debris from a semi that hit the spring, and nearly knocked off my motorcycle by a blow out on a truck next to me. The highways can be a very dangerous place to be around while outside of a cage. It is a healthy fear the original poster has, and hopefully we will all continue to pay extra attention to our surroundings in such situations and remain safe.

    Good thread for bringing awareness to others - sad for the accident victims mentioned. Conspicuity is good, but don't rely on it alone.
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    My uncle was ran over by a motorist when he was helping a broke down driver almost 20 years ago. They were well off the shoulder. He suffered a broke back in multiple locations, neck, both legs, they actually took him to the hospital in a body bag. It was because the driver who hit him was too busy staring at the situation instead of paying attention to the road.

    I usually put it upon myself to be the one at the roadside and I try to constantly, when possible, stop trimming and take a step back whenever a vehicle approaches. However on the main highways it's usually a constant string of traffic.
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    My one commercial job is right on the highway and I mow it after they close cause the have a small parking lot but that when everyone else is coming home. Always makes me nervous and I now facing traffic and just shut the blades down when traffic approaches. It only took one time for some jerk to buzz me for me to change directions. He/she also got an earfull but of course they didn't hear it.
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    my friend is dead because an old guy in a parking lot was driving from the passenger seat and couldnt stop the car, the tree on the other side did. my friend did not.
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    when i'm mowing a property especially on a busy highway i always wait until cars aren't coming before i make the pass next to the street. if they are coming i just mow a few rows away from the road and when i come back the next time it will be clear and i do the pass right next to the road then. i wanna be certain i can mow all the way down before any cars come down the highway next to me.

    if the property is on a curve or something then this is not always possible to do.

    it always seems that when people are driving they are doing everything except that. they are talking on the phone, looking down and around inside their car, texting, messing with the radio, putting on makeup, eating, etc. etc. etc.

    just today i was mowing a commercial lot on the highway and i was backing up and the mailman cuts right through the property behind me instead of turning on the paved part where he was supposed to. luckily i was paying attention and i had time to stop before he plowed me over. just before that the UPS truck man came through the same part of the property. it was grass at one point. the owner had planted it there. they just keep cutting through there and it stays a dirt road now and there's a big water puddle there everytime it rains. it's an empty lot but still they should stay on the pavement. they just look for any shortcut they can find i guess. :laugh:
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    I carry orange traffic cones on my truck, one for the front and one for the rear while stopped. It's amazing how people actually slow down when you put out cones. i have one account that I trim a roadside ditch, and when I do, I move the cones to in front of where I am working. They are too cheap and easy to put out. Maybe it's just the fact that fines double in work zones where I'm at, but maybe you guys should give it a try. It may solve your problem, and give you a bonus of looking more professional.

    Just food for thought.
  8. OakNut

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    I always put cones out. If I have just the truck, usually just in the rear - if I have the trailer, one in front and one in back.

    You're right - people do slow down/steer clear.

    I have another purpose for using them as well - getting attention. Every day, a hundred guys with mowers are out, parked all over town. People drive and walk past them without even taking notice. Put some cones out and more people will look. I also have yard signs that I sometimes place in front of/behind when parked and the cones increase the odds of someone taking a look.

    In the last 4 years, I think I can count on one hand how many other landscapers I've seen with cones. Of those, they were doing things that somewhat required cones due to things sticking out in the street.
    The other guys must think I'm a tard when they drive by and see my cones. :)
    They can think what they want. I've had several people stop to ask for quotes as a direct result.
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    I always put cones out in the front/rear of the trucks if we are parked on streets... it's the law around here for commercial vehicles. Never thought of it about just trimming.

    Today I was almost backed over by some airhead on her cell phone just throwing it in reverse and backing out of her driveway. She never even looked, if it was a vehicle, she would have hit it. I did have to let go of the controls of the TT and start yelling. Then she wants to give me the "oops my bad..." little wave.
  10. C & T Landscaping

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    If I can't pull into a driveway and must be on a street, I carry three 28" orange cones in the bed, so they always come with me. All three are placed about three feet from the truck to allow walking at the front, one in the middle, and one at the rear. If it's really busy, Ill use them and taper out from the curb past the rear of the trailer. I'm sure I get the same looks from guys around here, but they make me feel weird as that may sound. Oh, plus sometimes I'll toss on a mag. lightbar and the fourways.

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