One of the coolest custom controllers out there

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by mitchgo, Jul 10, 2010.

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    I'm really sorry for the horrible pic quality- I somehow lost my camera last week so this is my phone.. The guy said he would email me more pictures. I've gone to this guy's house for a few years now but I have never seen his controller inside his house

    This controller is actually 10 years old now. It's part of a SMART HOUSE control system- It's a windows based application that this microsoft guru guy programmed himself. IT's sweet.. This thing controls every electronical thing inside his house. Including his irrigation system!

    It's a touch screen, I didn't get to fiddle around with it but it was REALLY cool!

    Hopefully I will get some more pics from this guy



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  3. mitchgo

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    Sadly there isn't one.

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    Sorry.........didn't mean to take the air out of the thread.
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    What is the program? We did a house with a smartline, and the owner ended up yanking it and hooking the system up to his computer.
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    How does the home computer control stand up to a lightning strike upon the field wiring?
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    I use a home automation system and I have taken what I believe to be numerous lighting strikes, not the full blown direct hit type, but what I believe to be high voltage surges that come in through the field wire. I use all different types of isolators, on the field wire as well as on the computer cable feeding the modules, I have never had an issue with the computer, but the home automation modules I go through relatively often.
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    I worked on this one recently.
    Interesting thing is that the controller must be in the "Off" position for the system to work.
    Looks like it goes up to 256 zones using an ACC controller.

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