One of those days.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by EagleLandscape, Dec 11, 2003.

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    So I've been pretty down lately with the decreased amount of work. I mean it's not too bad, but we don't have many leaves to clean up, and definately no snow to plow; and grass really isn't growing that much either. So I had to go downtown earlier today and I get a call from a customer saying I need all this crap done. So it's about $200.00 worth of work. SO sweet! I'm over there and he asks me to trim these yopoun trees, (did I spell that right). ANyways, these things are like 25 feet tall, so I sub-contracted it out to one of my friends with a bigger rig. He told me 130 to get it done, so I billed my customer 150. Easy 25 bucks.

    It's about 5:30 and getting dark now and I'm about 5 minutes from finishing cutting this bigass branch down. I step down the ladder, put the chainsaw on the ground and drag this other branch outta the way.

    Go back up to finish this branch off, and the engine is goin but no movement on the chain.

    Long story short I spent 20 minutes in front of my car under the fog lamps for some light trying to fix this thing.

    Then about 15 minutes tonight in the garage.

    Turns out I accidently pushed the safety on and didn't know it. (it's been a month since I've used my chainsaw and the thought of the brake slipped my mind).

    Didn't have any work planned for tomorrow, but now I've got about 5 minutes penciled in for the morning:-\

    Time to sleep, I'm tired.
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    Thats not a bad day.................
    Yesterday for me,
    1Old lady backs into my brand new truck at the mall
    2 trans goes on my other truck
    3person is honking there horn two houses down from my house at 12am. keeps honking for more than 60 seconds, get out of bed go outside, run up to the car and tell her what time it is, and that people are sleeping"just in case she forgot", she responds that she is looking for her finance and asks if I am his boyfriend? and says" What are you f-ing him" at that point I turned to go back inside, about 5 minutes later cops showed up and shipped her to the loony bind

    wow wierd day :dizzy:
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    I knew that was what happened. I did that myself, swore for about 15 min, had a cigarrette, then figured it out.
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    I can top of all you guys: had two root canals done today :)

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