One Pi$$ed Off customer

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by T.E., Feb 6, 2006.

  1. T.E.

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    I had this customer that wouldn't pay his bill, so I sent him to I got a call from him tonight on my voice mail. He Identified hisself on the phone, threatened me if he ever sees me in public, and called me ever name in the book. He even acknowledged he owed the debt said we could've worked it out:dizzy: Oh well I'll see how it goes, anyone with any tips? I'll keep you posted :mad: :mad:
  2. sheshovel

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    NO tips but a long had it been late bfr you turned it over to OLDDebts and did you ever speak to the customer personaly about his late bill?
  3. DLS1

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    Call the police and ask them what to do about his call.
  4. T.E.

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    I called him several times, and he would not answer his phone. So I left a message on his voice mail (very politely) explaining I had not received payment, and wanted to make sure his account was properly credited. Still no call back from him. The last invoice was mailed to him at the end of Oct. 2005
  5. bigviclbi

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    I just sent their 6.95 letter to one customer, and am gonna send the 16.95 package to 3 customers next week. I am gonna spend the four extra bucks to report to the credit unions, I have waited TOO long for my money and am officially pissed off.

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