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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Grass Gator, Feb 16, 2005.

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    I have a 7.5 acre industrial property that has been vacant for about 6 months wanting a one time clean up. The building is roughly 150,000 sq feet so this leaves about 3.5 acres of turf. Lots of grass and weeds growing in the parking areas as well. There also is a chail link fence that surrounds the entire property.

    I'll be using 3 guys for this and curious on pricing. I was thinking of charging in the range of $2750 for this. Am I way off base????

    Any help would be appreciated (although I know it's tough for you guys without seeing the property).
  2. SOMM

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    Depends on equipment/hours needed, if you can grind it up with a few mower passes(after thoroughly canvassing the grounds for hidden treasure damage), or have to whip it down with string trimmers and brush cutters first before mowing. Always Add extra for "degree of difficuty" on hillsides or if you have to haul off-site instead of to onsite woods.

    Sounds like they want "one price" for their "one time" (don't all the "one-timmers"? lol) ?

    Always go piece-rate or hourly with the "one-timers" because you'll expend 3-4 hours before you even realize it on months of leaves. We're getting anywhere from $10 per each 30 gallon paper bag full of leaves, to $25 per quarter hour for 2-man crew rates - if leaves are light and dry. Frozen /wet or seasonally abandoned leaves deserve the $60-$80 per man/ per hour rate.

    Good Luck on it!
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    i use a ford 8n with a 5 brush hog for over grown then a 6' finish mower if its not a Field just the hog and let it be i get 125 an acer for that with out using the finish mower

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