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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by KindGardener, Nov 9, 2000.

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    Hi y'all

    Wondering if any of you have a simple "word-document" for a special job estimate.

    I'm new to the business, have 90+ residential maintenance accounts, and am getting regular requests to "do this or that". some requests are quite specific, some ask to simply "do what needs to be done".

    I think giving a written extimate for services, with my price, and a list of the work I'll do. (obviously I'm not just talking about when a neighbor askes to have his side yard stringtrimmed on the spot, etc).

    Also, yesterday I called the property manager of the property that's next to one that I'm taking care of... told her that her lawn could use some fertilizer, weeding, and the shrubs could use better pruning. She said to send her a bid. In THIS case, I will be "bidding" against someone who is now providing "less" service, so I feel it's critical to identify WHAT I'll do (to justify my higher price).

    How do you do this, what do you use?

    thanks, in advance.

    Will Johnson
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    I uue word pro and make letterhead,then write letter,outline what you will do and cost for each service item.

    I had that happen to me twice this year. I was doing 2 condos and the neighbor asked me to give a estimate on her property , so I wrote letter and told what I would do different and listed references to call, she said no need to call references she could see the difference and accepted my bid, which was a lot higher. I think with 90 accounts you could use referrals and tell them to look at your job compared to what they are getting.I used to try to justify my prices, but now I don`t worry about that, I worry about how to get all the work done.

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    Just be careful about "stealing" others accounts. Its a touchy subject. If he is doing a crappy job, then by all means quote, but if it needs fert or better pruning, be careful. I have lawns that people want done "cheaply". I offer this, but do it in a way that a neighbor will never notice. However, a professional will notice this. If I loose this type of customer to you, I could care less. But if it is a good customer, why didn't they talk to me about the quality they are recieving? Sounds like the ball is in your court. Do as you see fit. Just don't burn bridges, you may need to cross them later in your career.

    Doesn't sound like your too "new" with almost 100 accounts?

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    I would never think of stealing accounts away from others, but if I am approached to give bid and I charge a much higher price and do all the work that they want,and they will be satisfied, I don`t know how I could turn it down. The jobs I am referring to are next door to the ones I do and the customer is comparing their job to mine. These are the people that have nice homes and don`t mind spending the money to keep them loking good.You wrote to Will so mabey it was meant for him, but mabey you were talking to me too,I just had to clarify what I was saying.

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