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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ringahding, Dec 5, 2011.

  1. RGM

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    I do in some cases I have some regular 1 time cuts people who call me only when they go out of town or when there mower breaks down. Other then that if a neighboor ask me when Im allready out and cutting its cool.
  2. ashgrove landscaping

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    I do every time and charge appropriately. I'll make the time to do it after I drop off the employee. One hour + on a random day mid season makes me $100+. It s workin season darling. See you and the kids in a few with some extra gravy cash....!
  3. ralph02813

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    if its handy if its really long, 2 cuts one very high which helps reveal and obstacles that I might missed when I walked the property with the own, so for a lawn that Iwould charge 35 for I charge 50 for each cut and tell them its two cuts and cash only of course.
  4. Kelly's Landscaping

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    Normally not they will see us mowing and go I am 4 streets over I'm the 3rd house. . . . . Yea that's nice I don't have the time. But sometimes we will get a call ahead of time from a next door neighbor of a long time cut and for them I make the time cause you just never know especially if they are old. I have had clusters develop that way. We do nearly 200 lawns so I do not do much one time anything.
  5. Patriot Services

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    Reluctantly do a few but only for the right price. One time usually equals the grass gets mowed once a year whether it needs it or not. Its way hard on even the best equipment. You already know the client is tighter than a nun's pocketbook. I can also give crap less what what the not here now last guy charged. The best are the ones going on vacation, surgery or other short term hiatus'.
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  6. jackal

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    Yea I do. Nothing better than people chasing me down the street with cash in hand.
  7. Darryl G

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    One time mowings are not something I target but I will take them if I think there is an opportunity. I have done two in the last two seasons. One has turned into a regular, a very good one in fact. If they're someone who cares about their lawn and just can't do it for some reason (mower in shop, unexpected trip out of town due to death in family or something) I'll do it if I can fit it in the schedule. The ones I pass on now are the crappy badly overgrown lawns that aren't likely to ever materialize into anything else. I have another one that is part time...he takes care of it sometimes (and does a nice job) and I do it sometimes. He has approximately 6 week periods in spring and fall when he just works too much to have time for it.
  8. MOturkey

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    I used to jump on them, but have decided not to take them anymore, and I don't have anywhere near a full schedule. I do have a couple of "vacation" mows, and I will continue to do those, but not any more of the "my mower is broken" or "I just haven't had time" deals. For one thing, I find that virtually all of them want an estimate first, so, I have to either swing by while out mowing, or make an extra trip to give them a quote. Then in at least 60% of the cases, I don't get the job anyway, so I have totally wasted my time and gasoline.

    These are different than someone wanting a cleanup, then regular maintenance. I've gained several new accounts this way, but have yet to ever get a regular customer from any of the others I've done. From now on, if they make it clear they aren't looking for regular service, I'm just going to thank them for calling and tell them I can't do it.
  9. jackal

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    A coupla years ago I got a call for temp mowing while a guy was recovering from surgery. I estimated it a little high because it was just a few times. I mowed it three times when the lady of the house came out and said we did such a great job that the good Dr. wasn't going to cut it any more. I have cut it every week since. It's actually one of the best jobs I have now. I'm glad I didn't pass that one up.
  10. JB1

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    we will do them and charge what its worth.

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