One-Ton dump good for spring cleanups?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by JTLawnandLandscape, Jan 21, 2008.

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    Took a year off from the landscaping business to pursue some other business adventures but recently discovered that I want to come back stronger than ever. Fortunately, I saved most of my equipment- sold the 14ft dump trailer. I have a '90 f350 diesel dump with a 10foot body and high sides that has been paid for. I'm just going to use this truck to start out this year- seeing that i have to reestablish myself again. Does anyone have any suggestions for spring cleanups and what my most cost effective option would be? I have a 16ft landscape trailer for my mowers. I have a 60" Gravely 260Z with a thatch rake and a trac vac system (2 large 50gal barrels) for sucking up the leaves and debris and a 48" walk behind, big back pack blower. It just always seems to be a headache in the spring when it comes to cleanups and hauling away the leaves and debris. Any suggestions? Should I buy any other equipment?
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    Sounds like you're good to go. :)
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    If you come accross a good deal, maybe a truck loader. It would be a lot faster then the trac vac on the back of the mower IMO.
  4. JTLawnandLandscape

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    thanks a lot guys for your input!!

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