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purchased a 2006 Silverado 2500 single cab with 63,000 miles for $8000. Going to be using this to spray out of.

now i am looking for a 4 door 4x4 2500 or f250 to pull my 18 ft trailer with. Trailer is 7000lbs rated. Don't ever put more than 5000 on it though. Would you get gas or diesel? I'm leaning towards gas b/c less maintenance & cheaper gas. But will it struggle and gas mileage be horrible?



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That sounds like a pretty good deal on the '06, those single cabs always look the best.

My vote is for a gas engine. Just a personal preference, I'm sure there are plenty of people who will disagree. I just prefer the power characteristics of a gas engine. A 3/4 ton gasser won't break a sweat with 5k lbs behind it.


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I would agree that gas is cheaper, but usually you will get better fuel mileage with a diesel pulling a load. A diesel will usually last longer, but at the same time a gas truck will be cheaper to fix. In my opinion I would go with a diesel usually less maintenance if taken care of properly, and like I said earlier will usually last longer.


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dennis ma.
We run all diesel trucks now and we are thinking about starting to buy gas. We are in the northeast rust belt. Diesel trucks are freest and the shines are stronger an d normally last longer also better mileage under towing conditions. Here's the problem........
THEY ALL ROT OUT AT THE SAME RATE! so a $10,000 upgrade for diesel and yes the engine will be strong but the rest of it doesn't last any longer than a gas truck. Good luck with your decision.
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Personally I'd go with gas, like everyone else said, cheaper initially, cheaper maintenance, parts ect...Also If all your mowers and equipment is gas, you dont have to worry about people mixing fuels in different machines and while deisel last longer, I've personally never run a truck more than 200,000mi before its about time to get a new one. 5,000lbs isnt that much for a HD2500 or 1 ton truck.


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Here on LS, I've often read that gassers are preferred IFF doing a lot of stop & go driving IE a resi mowing route. Has this changed at all in the last few years? I'm thinking not...

Obviously the amount of cargo being pulled prolly plays a factor...