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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by traman, Apr 16, 2004.

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    so i got my first exmark three weeks ago , 36 inch metro hp. with a multh kit. still running great ,doing everything that i wanted it to do . but now my dealer has this open house spring sale . so i start looking at an lazer hp 52 inch deck 23 hp koler 2004 model with the new roll bar . i couldn't pass up the deal . been using it for three days , what a machine , this thing is a beast, the cut is so fine it looks like carpet , up hills down hills wet grass , tall grass , sandy soil , weeds, what ever it all looks great ,thanks again exmark so what kind of a deal did i get you ask? $6559.00 plus tax and mulch kit and thay threw in thee pieces of 2 cycle equipment edger ,trimmer, hand blower all by shindaiwa . i never knew i could have fun cutting lawns god worked for 6 days creating heaven and earth and on the seventh day he made exmark thanks everyone traman
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    Congratulations! The Lazer HP has been a great machine for us. Thanks for all the kind comments and remember...............the fun is just getting started.


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