Online Bill Pay - How to Integrate?

Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by cardkid2331, Sep 3, 2013.

  1. Ben Bowen

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    I use Freshbooks, which you can integrate with Paypal or Google Checkout. While I invoice by email, and have ha very few issues, each client has the ability to choose and account name and pin and log in to view their account at any time. Invoices can be emailed or snail mailed. It's pretty flexible.
  2. britsteroni

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    I'd recommend checking out Xero as an alternative to Freshbooks. Although Xero fully integrates with Freshbooks, it's just one less monthly payment you have to hassle with. Then you can do your accounting, invoicing and everything else you would need right there in Xero. Freshbooks was necessary before Xero added invoicing, but I just don't see the value anymore for using both SaaS apps.

    Another recommendation for Stripe from me. Plus full integration with Xero.
  3. Blade Runners

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    Look at getting your own merchant account through or one of the others. I use Bank of America in conjunction with Authorize and it has the lowest transaction fee I could find, .99%. Paypal is something like 3.xx% per transaction.

    I use my Authorize acct. with SAP so I can't really offer any solutions for integrating a merchant account directly into a website. All I had to do was create a link (toolbar button) to my SAP Client portal on my website and all was good. :)
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  4. TX Easymoney

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    I'd rather focus on the I let QuickBooks do it all...
    I email batches of invoices and they pay online, automatically charge their cards of withdrawl from their banking account...
    The less hassle, the better for me... then I sync up all the data...done
  5. greg8872

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    Just gotta know the trick.... Paypal is 2.97% for credit card transaction, BUT using their debit card to pay other bills, they pay me 3% back. I pay anything business related with it, Heck today alone I just got about $10 back paying for my hosting for the month.
  6. bpallazza

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    Hi all. My name is Brant. All very good suggestions. If I may, I'd like to offer an alternative: ReliaBills ( Allows for much greater branding than most. Easy invoice creation (including recurring). Automates payment reminders, late pay notices, payment confirmations and Thank You's. Integrates with Quickbooks. And gives your customers a branded portal so they can self-manage their own account...including set up for auto pay. By far, the best solution I have seen.

    OK...I am biased. I own the company.

    I look forward to working with you and supporting this groups needs. Feel free to contact me with any questions.
  7. Blade Runners

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    Is that 3% on any type of purchase or just certain items such as fuel, etc? I have an AMEX cash back card and it is 3% at supermarkets, 2% for fuel, and 1% for other purchases. I figured with the amount of fuel we use it should save a little money.
  8. greg8872

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    Any purchase done as a "Credit" (ie, not using your pin). Personally, I also like the clients can pay me, and as soon as they do, the money is available to spend on the card. (aw well as you can set it to auto pull funds from a checking account when making a purchase)

    I am working on a billing system for my hosting clients to use that will process through stripe though, mainly to learn how to set it up.
  9. bpallazza

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    So far, no one has said anything about ACH or e-checks (direct debits from checking or savings) as a payment method. As was pointed out in this thread, as consumers we love to use credit cards because we get the rewards that businesses ultimately pay for via fees (unless you want to charge a processing fee...which is another can of worms).

    Significantly cheaper than paying credit card processing, ACH fees typically run between $0.50 and $1.00 per transaction. Some companies charge a small variable fee (0.10%) for large transactions. All the customer does is give you a bank routing number and their account number.
  10. tonygreek

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    ACH is a much tougher sell than asking for a credit card number. At least with a credit card number, the customer has the security (perceived or not) of being able to better deal with billing issues than having their checking account drained. I blame the fitness/gym industry for this...

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