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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by mdvaden, Oct 8, 2004.

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    Lately, I am using an online image host site to display albums that are a bit utility that I did not want on my website, but in conjunction with it.

    If you go to my site at: you can click the deer caption for a choice of albums to appear, then click again to redirect to my album at image event.

    Not dealing with my own webmastering, this saves me huge time and money since adding photos to the album is easy-easy.

    The positions, captions, etc., are very simple to alter. Also this has no advertising (since it's $25 per year) and copyright statements can be added. Also, right click copying can be disabled to prevent people swiping images.

    This gets you - for the $25 per year - "unlimited" bandwidth, and 1500 megs (images) worth of storage. That's a lot.

    Thought some of you might like to know about this for an alternative, or tool for work photos or even personal. I've tried the freebies and don't like the ads or emails they send. Also, free or not, this Image Event is the easiest and most functional to edit with of several I tried like Ofoto and others.

    The slideshow can be placed on auto or manual, and the photos can enlarge to original size.

    Check it out if you are interested. The links on my signature here have a couple of album URLs too.

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