Online Payments any good advise?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LAWNMAN47031, Feb 27, 2010.

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    Right now I am fairly happy using my Quick-books software and mailing out invoices, a little time consuming but I am a small business and I regrettably enjoy having my time consumed by work. I would really like for my customers to be able to pay their bills online, through my website I haven't set up yet.

    Since I prefer to pay my own bills online, I assume they would too. I have looked at some options like landscape billing, and even Quick-books but would like to hear from all of you who currently accept payments through their website. Thanks!
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    To have it done proper is another story...
    First you'll need to get set up with 128-bit encryption and ssl (secure socket layer) just on the server end of things,
    some hosts include this but their hosting costs are usually high to begin with, others charge a bit of a fee, if I recall
    correctly it's like $100, a year.

    And it may not sound like much but it all still has to be set up, the pages coded, and so on...
    I'm not exactly sure what all is involved because I never went through with it, but just from the sound of things
    it sounds to be about as complicated as all the crap involving say registration and dynamic name server resolution,
    in other words more than the average person can handle in one day lol

    Then you still need the credit card bit going with some bank, and that costs more...
    I think that about describes it, a multi-step process not without some complications, plus costs and fees along the way.

    So I just never did that, but you can still set up a type of a thing like through paypal.
    If you have an account there you might log in and see if they have anything under the options or the help section,
    maybe it's elsewhere and I'm not sure if they even do but it might be worth several minutes of clicking around.
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    I have done quite alot of research in the past about accepting cards thru my website. As Topsites pointed out, there is alot of set-up involved.
    I finally just went with Pay-Pal for ease of use for me and my customers. There is no equipment involved to worry about. The liability of the whole transaction is also consumed by pay-pal.
    There are fees involved but whatever service you decide to use has fees associated with it.
    You can add a pay-pal plug-in right on your website.

    I don't like to accept cards but some customers(yuppies and the like) won't do it any other way. Just be sure to up your price to recover the fees. You don't want to absorb them, pass them on to the customers who want this convienience...
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    I've switched to Pay-pal as well. It's really simple, and a lot of my customers who use it like the fact that they can track their payments at any time instead of waiting for a monthly bank statement like when sending checks.

    The fees do seem a little high, but it's not a lot more than mailing an invoice at the end of the month and people seem to be more timely with their payments.

    I just bought Quickbooks pro and the rep that helped me activate it over the phone said they had a new system for accepting online payments that is very similar to paypal but is considerably cheaper, might be something to look into.
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    If online payments are pain have you thought about just emailing them their bill and they can send it back through the mail?

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