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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by zimmatic, Sep 5, 2012.

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    This works great when you are a one man show, but when you have multiple crews, managers, and one person answering the phone you need a way to "sync" it all.
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    That is where we are at right now. Then add the customers that want an appointment or have the clock in the garage.

    Our policy now is we set the schedule and not the customer just for the main purpose of routing. We use Hindsite, so all calls coming in go in as pending for the service department to schedule.

    With rain day etc. giving the customer a certain date and time window just screws up everything. We are about to put out a "date" that will be the end of pricing based on routing. If the customer calls in after that day a trip charge will be added or drive time IF we cannot schedule them with other customers in their area.

    We get the calls in December and whether they forgot or whatever, this often requires sending a tech to drive 25-45 minutes there and back just to do this one customer.

    I am not sure how it is going to work yet, but I am tired of losing money and these are even the ones we emailed or called several times.
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    Have you tried answering the cell phone when you get 60-80 calls a day? No way you'd get any work done. My office voice mail box was full by 11:00 AM yesterday.
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    I tried this route, but there are too many one man shows willing to do back flips in order to get the job. Now your time slot determines the service call base rate.

    Lowest rate= We can schedule you in the next 2 days and show up when you best fit into the route. An email is sent the morning of.

    Average Rate= Customer specifies Morning or Afternoon on a specific day

    Highest Rate= Customer specifies a time and day -or- Customer wants a Saturday -or- Customer wants a time after before 8:00am or after 5:00pm

    You would be surprised how many people become flexible when they can save a few bucks.
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    Little up date on the scheduling. It needs to be managed. However it works rather well.

    couple things

    We do about 200 people and we send out mailings to them and call them 2 days in advance to confirm the dates. these are our standard customers. That works rather well to keep the route tight and the day productive.

    However I am looking to grow the list and dump some pia clients along with picking up new clients This is where the postcard mailing, my website, prepayment, and online sch come into play.
    To be honest it has not even come close to working as intended. Rather I am getting requests for Installs, mountains of service request, lawn care proposals, mulching proposals for next year and of course winterizations that are all prepaid at a higher rates that I want. So the key imo is that the online scheduling is a process that takes into account all facets of the business and not just an event.
    Would I do it again, YES
    Clients that request days that are filled or that live in outlying areas are charged a trip fee cant drive 40 min and not collect. However they are willing to pay this and I have seen it (pluse collected) if they can be garenteed to be serviced on day requested.
    Now I do charge more as again it turns into a scheduling monster for the office but I am building clients that will pay more and in some cases WAYMORE to have a level of service they expect/want.
    sorry for misspellings not perfect!
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    Anyone have any experience using Hindsite with android phones versus tablets?
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    My qxpress actually crashed today as well. This has never happened to me. Really considering changing!
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    Shoot me an email and I will forward what they sent me
    dana at
    I don't want to link directly to it here, and you can't PM until you have 10 posts.
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    Why not? :dizzy:
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    Thank you so much! You are a lifesaver. I have e-mailed you

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