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Discussion in 'Water Features' started by just pondering, Sep 7, 2009.

  1. just pondering

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    OK here is my question how many of you have an online store that sells pond products? and how are your sales. This is my dilemma I know I have to advertise my store more and work it better, sales, promotions, give aways etc, but sometimes I get a little discouraged when I see things so much cheaper almost wholesale, I just had a customer call the manufacture of the pump I was going to sell him just to get a little more info on the pump and they sold him the pump for $10 under my wholesale cost if this is what this industry is coming to I don't think I stand a chance, or am I wrong? The reason why I ask is I'm thinking about pulling pond products off the store because of this turning into a commodity market and and the cost of upkeep. I may just sticking to selling indoor water features because the manufactures have a set prices you have to sell at or they pull the product from you that way everybody is at the same price. What are your thoughts bad and good.

    Jeff Michaels
    Pondering Waters
  2. n2h20

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    its crap.. most reputable companies wont sell to people who sell there stuff online at a wholesale cost. good manufactures wont sell to the public. and most reputable suppliers wont sell to you if you are super cheap.
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    If I had a manufacturer do that to me, I would drop their product instantly. Then I would call the owner of the manufacturing company telling him that I will no longer be selling his products since he is now no longer a supplier, but rather my competition! Tell him I hope that few dollars he made on 1 pump was worth the many thousands of dollars of lost revenue from a repeat customer.
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    We handcraft custom Rock Columns for water features supply companies all over the United States and would never sell products to retail customers for the wholesale or distributor pricing, that is just not right!

    We stand behind and support all of our wholesalers and distributors 110%

    The problem with most companies is, they forget where they came from.

    As an individual person you acomplish small things, but as a team you acomplish huge things!

    Chances are if they have done that to you, then they have done it to many others.

    You should contact them and make a complaint and see where it goes from there.

    All of our employees know the importance of getting contractor number or retail tax number, just for this reason.

    Feel free to check out some of our Rock Columns on the web at or if you have any questions email me direct at

    Ask us how to become a distributor of The most realistic Rock Columns in the World!

    ANC Stone Creations
    Matt Gragg
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    I have been installing and servicing irrigation, ponds and waterfalls and low-voltage landscape lighting systems for 10 years. The last 4 years, I have been on the supply side and enjoyed the time away from the field, sort of.

    Since the lay off, I had to find work and finding work in Miami is just not happening. I could imagine it's tough everywhere. I moved to selling online. My sales have been decent considering the amount of time or lack there of I have put into it. It has been a positive experience and it is growing quite rapidly!

    From having experience on both sides of the counter, knowing that a manufacturer or distributor is selling retail at or below wholesale drives me insane. Like the Mr. Ryan mentioned, I would call and write the company a nice letter and move my business elsewhere.

    I deal with both retail and wholesale, but my customers have to log in to see their price tiers.

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