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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by eruuska, Jan 27, 2005.

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    lux, depending upon the process, my logo only has 2 colors. to the eye, it's 4.

    for spot color process, it's only 2 colors as the 3rd and 4th colors are actually lighter or darker derivatives of the first 2. navy blue/lighter blue, dark orange/light orange only account for 2 colors. and you can see what i mean if you're not sure.

    my concerns have always been for the expensive print jobs such as t-shirts, vehicle/trailer, and yard signs. i own a remodeling company, so our yard signs are very nice, and pretty expensive. for all paper-based printing, we use nothing but 4 color process (the magazine page style of printing) that is cheaply available from vista and 48hour. the low cost of those online players has leveled the field so that the small business can have the same quality of the big boys.

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    Can you post your logo i'd like to see it?
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    I am in the process of getting door hangers this year. I checked it out online and found 10000 for $750. I figured that was not too bad but I would rather do business with someone local. So I went to the printer that did my business cards and he quoted me $2500 for the same thing. I would rather support the local guy but when the extra $1750 comes right out of my bottom line. . .
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    You guys are right, if the price difference is HUGE then yes, you obviously gotta do what you gotta do. Very good points from all of you.

    Now I gotta go dry off, I'm getting cold. :blush:

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